Wreck-fest Week 8!

The MX-5’s are at Okayama this week, it’s the short circuit and I am just not that great at this track.  So I hop in with 20 minutes of practice to go and am running pretty good laps.  I feel comfortable in the car and all is well.  However, I get into the race and qualify in 8th.  That’s ok because I’ve been racing my way up through these packs lately and I tend to race a little better than qualify in these cars.  Today was a little different!  I managed to make my way up to 4th at one point, and then I made a mistake and lost 2 positions.  I was right with these 2 guys and putting pressure on the one in the back, so much so that he lost it right in front of me and I T-Boned him.  I have now lost a whole lot more positions and pretty much go freight trained around this wreck.  Car seemed ok so I was back at it.  The 11 car driven by Alec (no last names) bumped me in the 2nd turn, no big deal, I don’t really care, but on the next lap he gets a good run on me to the inside, I give him space to make the turn and gain the position but since this is a race I attempted to take the inside line on the next turn.  I don’t run triples, and I would think that he would know this was a race, but he comes down on me anyway, since he’s bumped me already, I gave him a little tap and got him loose.  This is all good to me and I get the run on the inside.  I guess he thought that this was unacceptable, that someone would actually race him and decides to pit maneuver me into the wall.  Great guy this Alec!  Then he proceeds to tell me that next time he’ll just run me over.  Alec, I think you pretty much already did that!  I sent him a PM on the service telling him how nice he was!

I’m not having alot of success running these races this week.  My SR is in the dumps; my irating is as well because I keep getting wrecked out of these races.  The Skip Barber car is at Road Atlanta this week and it was about as good to me as the Mazda was.  Crazy fields and lots of wrecking.  Unfortunately, I was involved in all of them.  I practiced pretty well and even qualified 4th.  I was nervous for the beginning of the race because I know people drive all crazy at the start trying to get to the front.  I just try to maintain my position for the first lap until everything gets settled.  That did not work out for me.  I managed to avoid the first wreck that happened in front of me, then I was bumped in the back by another car and spun out.  Then someone turned directly into me.  So far I managed to keep the car intact but my SR is taking a huge hit.  Then someone get a run on me down through the kink, I let him go because I know we can’t both go through there, and he loses control and takes me out.  I guess I could’ve slowed down more but this is a race.  I managed to finish in 8th as the 1 car, but I was not happy with that result.  I lost the video to this race……

I couldn’t let that race go.  I had to try it again!  I run pretty good laps at that track so wrecking out of the first one was a bummer.  Everyone in the race was complaining of the stupidity of some drivers.  I just wanted to get through the race clean.  I qualified 9th as the 15 car and raced pretty cleanly, only got 2x, for the entire race.  If it wasn’t for Joshua really defending his position, I probably would have finished 6th but he made me nervous since he cut me off a couple of times and hit me in the sweeper.  He had no care for other cars, just himself.  I avoided him and got a good finish and gained some SR which I desperately need!

I had to run this race!  I’ve been looking forward to it all week.  The Xfinity cars at Watkins Glen.  It took me a couple of laps to get used to the car on this track but boy is it fun.  It’s nice to actually have to slow a car down into the turns to get it under control.  These cars are big and fast but they don’t turn too well so running them on a road course is tricky, but tons of fun.  I really liked it, I ended up in the top split as the 19 car and qualified in 11th.  So throughout this race I managed to gain one position which was due to attrition and not skill.  That is ok, but I would really like to get better at the race craft.  You know, learning how to manage tires, set up people for a pass, all those things.  All in all it was a good race; I gained 40 Irating and .1 SR.

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