What!? No Videos!!!!!!

I first need to say that i’m sorry there are no videos this week.  I had the files but when i went to go edit them, there was no video, just audio.  I guess my laptop was unable to render all the information when i was playing these races.  I think it may be time to upgrade to a desktop and get a little more serious about this….

I think this iracing thing is something that you really need to play all the time if you want to get good at it.  I have a family with two little kids and I get to play maybe twice a week.  I thought I was ready to move up to the Advanced Legends Cup but maybe I’m not.  Maybe I just need to get used to that car, but I’m having a real hard time in it.


The first race of the week was at Oxford Raceway in the Legends car.  40 Laps at the short track and in practice I did fairly well.  Unfortunately as soon as the racing started I fell all the way to the back.  At that point my main goal was to stay on the lead lap but then my hopes of that were squashed with a wreck that sent me tumbling down the straight.  This put me multiple laps down and I was just turning laps to finish the race.  I ended up finishing 7th only because one of the other racers had dropped off.  This season in this car is not starting well.

As for the points situation, I am in division 4 for the Advanced Legends cup and am in 59th position.  This is about midway in the pack for division 4.  As for the overall, I am in 295th, getting towards the bottom half of the standings….

alc-div4-2016s4w2 alc-overall-2016s4w2

The next race on the list was Summit Point for the MX-5 in the production car challenge.  I spent some time practicing and was able to get my lap times down into the low 57’s, but when I qualified I found that the fast time was mid 55’s.  Woah!  I am still 1.5 seconds off the pace in the middle of the pack.  Either way, I qualified 6th and managed to keep a pretty clean race.  I actually passed someone on the track legitimately, and finished the race in 4th.  Not too bad. I gained 50 points in irating and positive SR.  This was a good race.

Points in this series are looking a lot better, In division 6 I am in 13th!  I was slightly surprised by this since my first weeks race was not so good.  This week had me in a larger race with a lot more people in it.  This seems to have gained me quite a bit more points than last week.  As for the Overall, I am in 115th, towards the top of the standings!

prodcarchallenge-div6-2016s4w2 prodcc-overall-2016s4w2

I was trying to get the Spec Racer Ford race in at Imola, but it did not go official.  I practiced for a good 45 minutes to try and get the rhythm of the track down and I think that track is a lot of fun.  I had my lap times down into the 2:13 range and was pretty consistent.  I’m sure that there is more time in there somewhere but I was pretty happy with those times and I was not spinning too frequently.  I will see if the 8:45PM race goes official.  I may jump on that one if it does.

The 8:45 race did not go official, so I ended up with no points for this race.  It was a bummer since I took to this track pretty quickly and thought that I could at least finish in the middle of the pack depending on who was in the race with me.

Since I received no points for this week, I am in 43rd for division 6.  The overall standings have me in 351st, all the way at the back.  I need to have some good showings in the next couple of weeks to get my rankings up where I want them!

srf-div6-2016s4w2 srf-overall-2016s4w2

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