Week 1 Crash Fest!

I decided to run the Spec Racer Ford again this season and this week I started out in that car.  I am going to try and take this a little bit more seriously this season and attempt to get a much better irating by the end of it.  Right now my road irating is at a little over 1300 so that can be the benchmark for what I’m trying to do.

Anyway, the Spec Racer Ford is at Lime rock this week and I felt confident that I could practice a little and get a pretty decent run in.  The Strength of Field was over 1500 and I ended up qualifying last because I could not put a good qualifying run together.  So after the 20 minutes of practice, a bad qualifying, I was in 2nd to last place.  Right away the race started pretty good for me because I managed to make my way up to 5th position by avoiding wrecks and just keeping it together.  Raced a little bit with a guy who was faster than me but didn’t put up too much of a fight and was eventually passed and made my way back to 7th.  I was then trying to stay in front of the 8th place car, lost focus, and ended up hitting the wall where the chicane would be if you were running that configuration.  This flipped the car and I ended up needed a tow.  I towed into the pits and waited for the repairs.  I was then back out 2 laps down and meandering around the track jus t trying to get a finish.  After seeing the results, it seems that I need some more practice since I am 2 seconds a lap off the pace.  More work is needed.

I decided to run the Dallara Dash, at least for this week to see if I could get my oval irating up.  It’s currently in the 1100’s but was much higher until I started running the Legends car which I suck at.  I may just run the Dallara Dash for the season in oval to see how I do.  This week was at Charlotte and it seems to me that this could possibly just be survival of the fittest, or luckiest!  I managed to survive the race at 200+ MPH and finish in 3rd at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

I’m going to run the Advanced Mazda Cup this season as well in an attempt to get my B road license.  This week was at the Okayama Full Circuit and in practice I was 5th.  Running good consistent laps in the 1:50’s and sometimes dipping into the 49’s.  Despite of this, I ended up in the second split but was labeled the 1 car.  This kind of sucked because that means that Iracing thinks I should finish in first. I qualified in 5th and finished last, crashing my car with 6 minutes to go in the race.  When I crashed, I was running in 6th position out of 14.  I was gaining on the 5th place car and was pushing pretty hard in an attempt to get a top 5 but came off line and crashed into the inside wall.  I tried to get going again but the car was a mangled mess and required over 8 minutes of repairs.  Since there was only 6 minutes left in the race I disconnected.

The oval series I’m going to run this season is the National series for Nascar.  This week it was at Michigan.  I ran a whole bunch of practice laps and was lapping in the 40 second range.  Then qualifying started and I qualified back in 13th.  The race was pretty uneventful except I misjudged the passenger side of the car a couple of times and hit the wall.  I’m sure that damaged my car but I was able to keep going, however I lost a couple of positions after that happened.  However, I finished in the top ten and for my first go at the faster oval cars, I call that a win!

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