VW Jetta Headlight Bulb Replacement

My VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition likes to blow out lights on a regular basis.  I would not care so much but there is a dash light that comes on that warns me that there is a light out.  I hate lights that are on my dashboard, it makes me feel like my car is broken so I want them to be off as soon as possible.

The 2010 VW Jetta Wolfsburg takes the H7 style headlight bulb.  I’m pretty sure that all of the Jetta’s of this vintage take the same bulb and the replacement of them are probably the same.  I went with Sylvania Silver star replacements that state they are the best compromise between whiteness and brightness.  However, I believe that they are the cheapest replacements.

Sylvania also has the Silver Star ZXE bulbs that shine a blue color.  These are more cosmetic and you have probably seen them.  They are the cars with the purple or bluish headlamps.

They also have the Ultra series which are super bright.  They look normal in color but really do put off a super bright white light.  I’ve had these bulbs in the past and they were awesomely bright.  They don’t last as long as the cheapies though and I had to replace them quickly.  They are also quite a bit more expensive, but they do look cool.

Onto the replacement procedure……

These bulbs are pretty easy to replace in the Jetta and no tools are required.  You can do this completely by hand and not have to lift a wrench or screwdriver.

Pop the hood!

2010 Jetta Hood Popped

On the left and right side of the car, behind the headlight headlamps, will be giant round plastic covers.  You will need to remove them to replace the light bulbs.  Just grab a hold of them and twist them off.  Remember, lefty loosy, righty tighty!

This is the Passenger Side Cover

This is the Passenger Side Cover

This is the Drivers Side Cover

This is the Drivers Side Cover

Once those giant covers are off, you will see the headlight holders that are hidden behind them.  The covers are really to keep moisture out of the electronics.  The headlight holders are the grey plastic pieces that are behind the holders.

VW Jetta Headlight Bulb holder

You can twist these and they will click.  It will not be a long screwing process but it will just click and the headlight assembly will come out.

The bulb will now be accessible.

With the old bulb you can just pull it out without a care in the world, besides not damaging the assembly.

Once it is out, you will see how the bulb is connected to the assembly and the electrical connectors that make the connections to the bulb.  It will kind of look like a household electrical socket without the ground.

2010 VW Jetta Headlight socket

You are now ready to put the new bulb in.  Be careful not to touch the bulb part of the new headlight.  Pick up the bulb by the silver part and push the bulb into the socket.  It can only go one way and there is a clip on the bulb that will help you determine which way it goes.

VW Jetta New Headlight Bulb Installed

Once the bulb is in the socket, it will be ready for re-assembly.  Be careful not to touch the actual bulb!  This is very important!  It’s not hard to do, but important!

The grey assembly will have the word TOP on the top of the unit.  You can slide the assembly back into its bore with the TOP part on the top.  It’s a little tricky to get it right but once it’s in you can turn it to click it in place.  I always look at the headlight and make sure the bulb is straight before replacing the giant plastic cover.

VW Jetta Headlight bulb top marking

Once you are sure the light is in properly, you can replace that giant cover and be done!

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