VW 2.0T 50k Maintenance

I have recently performed the 50,000 mile maintenance on my VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition.  Since this particular car has 150,000 miles on it as of this writing it was due for it.  What I normally do for the 50,000 mile maintenance is change the fuel filter, cabin air filter, transmission fluid, and flush and fill the radiator.  I am very particular about the maintenance on my cars and do the regular maintenance even if it’s not in the owner’s manual.  This ensures me that all items in question are properly lubricated and ready for service, of course that prevents catastrophic failure and makes for a car that runs good for a long time.

The first item that I changed was the fuel filter.

It is located underneath the car just forward of the passenger side rear wheel.  I jacked the car up using the rear lower control arm, I attempted to use the correct jack point but it was getting in the way of performing the job so I did not.  I then placed a jack stand just behind the correct jack point for safety.

To remove the filter, press down on the release tabs for the 3 fuel lines that are connected to the filter.  Two of the lines came off for me without an issue; the third needed a little persuasion in the form of some leverage.  I used needle nose pliers to squeeze the tab in and pull the line off the filter.

2.0T Fuel Filter Lines

You will then need to loosen the Phillips head screw that is holding the mounting bracket for the filter.

2.0T Fuel Filter Screw

Once this is out you can slide the old filter out and put the new filter in.  When you are putting in the new filter, make sure the little notch is in its place to keep the filter in place.  Re-attach the fuel lines you disconnected in the removal and you’re done!  If you are environmentally conscience, you should put down some paper towels or something to catch the fuel that is going to spill out of the filter.  I personally don’t worry about it because it is on my driveway and it will evaporate anyway.

The next item on the agenda is the transmission fluid.  I used 75w-90 gear oil in the VW transmission.

There is a bolt on the bottom of the transmission that you need to remove to drain the fluid out, make sure you put a catch can underneath it to catch the oil.  The bolt is an allen bolt and the two bolts, fill and drain, are the same size.  Both bolts were pretty tight and trying to get them loose with the allen key was tough, I used the lug nut wrench from the car to help with leverage.  Once the fluid is drained, you can replace the drain plug and move on to the fill portion of the maintenance.

2.0T Transmission Drain Plug

Transmission Drain Plug

There is also a bolt on the side of the transmission; this is where you fill it in.  I have a funnel with a flexible hose that I use to fill the transmission with.  I removed the (aftermarket) air cleaner and slid the funnel down in the space now provided.  Fill the transmission until it starts to drip out of the side.  My car took about 2 ¾ quarts.  Once it is filled, replace the fill plug and move on to the next task.

Fill plug

Fill plug

I used a funnel from the top to fill the transmission

I used a funnel from the top to fill the transmission

The radiator flush and fill was the next item to move on to.  First, you will need to drain the existing fluid from the system.  To do this on the VW Jetta, you will need to remove the lower radiator hose from the vehicle.  It is held in place by a metal clip that you need to push up on.  You can just pull the clips back from the little tabs and push up.  Once up, you can pull the hose off the radiator.  At this point coolant will be spilling out so you will want to make sure that you have a catch can underneath the hose to catch the coolant.

This is the one side, there is another clip on the other that i could not get a picture of

This is the one side, there is another clip on the other that i could not get a picture of

This is what the clip looks like

This is what the clip looks like

Remove the cap on the coolant fill bottle that is on the passenger side up near the firewall.  This will allow air into the system and hopefully get all the coolant to be removed.

VW 2.0T coolant resevoir

I then replace the lower hose and fill the system with distilled water, this is the flush portion of the flush and fill.  I run the car up to operating temperature and wait for the fill container to start circulating.  This will push out most of the old coolant.  I then shut the car off and drain it again.

We will now be on to filling the system for real.  Replace the lower radiator hose and make sure the clip that holds it in place is secured.  Then get your coolant ready:

I like to use Prestone concentrated anti-freeze and mix it myself.  It’s cheaper, just make sure to use distilled water.  To mix, I take an empty water jug and fill it half way with Anti-Freeze.  Then I fill the rest of the jug completely with distilled water.  You want to use distilled water so that there is no chemicals in it to interfere with the chemicals already in the Anti-Freeze.

Fill up the coolant and start the car.  Let the car come up to operating temperature and check the coolant.  You will probably need to add more.  Let the car run a bit and make sure there are no air bubbles coming out of the system.  When you are done, replace the coolant reservoir cap.

Last up on the 50,000 mile maintenance is the cabin air filter.

This is super easy on the Volkswagen Jetta.  All you need is a flat head screwdriver.

To remove, unscrew the two plastic screws under the dash on the passenger side.  Pull down the cover to gain access to the filter.

VW Jetta Cabin Air Filter Removal Screws

Slide the black plastic cover to the right and the filter will come down.

Put the new filter in, clip the plastic cover back in place, and replace the two screws that you removed to gain access.

That is it for the 50,000 mile maintenance on a 2010 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition.  Because of the mileage on the car, other items were done as well but that was the 50,000 mile portion of it.  If you found this helpful, please leave a comment.  If not, please let me know what I could do better.




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