VRS MX-5 Cup Summit Point S2W10

This was another really busy week for me and I was only able to get two races in.  I thought I would do pretty well this week considering my success at this track previously but running the Summit Point track backwards proved to be quite different, and difficult.  I knew where all the turns would be but I was unable to get many fast clean laps in.  I did get grouped with a bunch of racers with higher iratings, which may have led to the results below.

I jumped right into this race, pretty much no practice what so ever and it showed.  I qualified 12th and started at the back of the pack.  Not too big a deal since my car number was 12 and that showed where I should have finished anyway.  The race was pretty uneventful except for a first turn pile up that I was able to get around.  Other than that, it was doing laps and just passing the people who messed up.  I ended up gaining 5 positions and finishing 7th, making this my best race this week.  This is the one you’ll see in full on the video! – This did not happen due to technical difficulties…….

I decided to setup my pedals a little differently this time around and to stop trying to brake like my kart.  I decided to drive it like a regular car, gas and brake with the same foot instead of using two feet.  I think it helped my car control a little bit and hopefully will set me up to be more consistent and have better muscle memory in the future.  It is how I drive normally and is possibly slowing me down due to putting too much thought into braking with my left foot.  I think the issue was that I was still on the throttle while trying to brake for some of the turns.  This was causing me to be less smooth than I would have liked and probably was causing me to spin out on a regular basis.  Heavy on the brake for the front tires, with some gas in the back going into a turn and around she goes……

For the second race, I decided to jump on to the 10PM race and get on with about 20 minutes to spare.  That gave me plenty of time to practice and to try and get my lap times up.  I was able to get them down into the 57.xxx but that was still 1.5 seconds off the fastest car in the race, but not too bad considering the lack of track time.  I qualified 8th and finished the same.  I only had 1 incident point and gained a little bit of SR.  Unfortunately, due to my bad finish, my irating went down.  I’m not that upset about it but I would like to get a little faster and be more competitive.  Maybe I should dedicate some time to actually practicing the tracks and getting faster.  Better car control might do me good.

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