VRS MX-5 Cup S2W7 – Pheonix Road Course

I went into this race not knowing this track at all.  I couldn’t even make it around the track in the practice session and then Qualifying was up!  I qualified all the way at the back in 9th position.  I don’t really know what happened but I ran a pretty good race all the way up to the end.  I was in 5th and probably had an opportunity to get into 4th but blew it.  Then I was battling with the 6th place guy for awhile but he wasn’t able to pass.  Then I was right behind 4th and went all out on the last lap and ended up flipping the car over the finish line.  I will save that in the video, I thought it was pretty funny but if it was a real race it would have sucked.  I didn’t get 4th…….

I must like this track.  Had my best finish ever in iracing with a 2nd place.  I gained 75 irating and .64 SR.  That is awesome.  Finished 2nd with no incident points, and gained 66 Championship points to boot.  By far my best race yet.  The start was exciting, with me starting 5th, this quickly turned into a 3 car race and I happened to be one of the cars.  There was a good battle ahead of me for first and I chose to just sit back and watch.  Eventually one of them made a mistake and I was able to take advantage.  After that it was just turning laps and finishing 2nd!

This race didn’t go so well.  I qualified 3rd, which was good, but then on the start 1st checked up pretty good and then 2nd got on the brakes and I ended up spinning him out into the inside wall.  Felt pretty bad about it but I kept on going.  I was now 4th and stuck behind 2 at least 1 slower car.  I let my impatience show and ended up doing the same thing to another driver.  What a jerk I am.  I shouldn’t race when I’m tired.  Anyway, karma got me and I lost it on the back stretch and crashed hard into the barriers.  This required a tow and a lot of lost time.  I did end up getting back out on track and actually finishing 5th which after all that wasn’t so bad.  There was some name calling at the end directed at me, but I was at fault so I’ll just shut up and take it.

Another crappy race!  I probably shouldn’t race when I’m tired, I don’t make very good decisions and I’m too aggressive.  I probably thought that I could get a good finish this race but I didn’t.  Finished all the way in the back, lost irating and SR due to my over aggressiveness.  I looked at the replay’s and It was my fault, even though the cars in front of me slowed tremendously, I should have too.  Instead, I went right through them.  Hit them both.  Had to go to the pits!  Then, in an effort to make up time, I lost it on the big sweeper and completely wrecked the car, and someone else’s too!  Oh well.  There’s always next week.

I just couldn’t let last night go.  I knew I could do better so this morning I ran another race.  This race was completely uneventful.  I qualified 4th, finished 3rd and had 0 incident points.  That’s what I was looking for.  I want to be a safe racer, I want to be good, but I want to be safe even more.  If no one trusts you that’s no good, so safe is what I want to be.  I’m trying to treat this like the simulator it is meant to be and to not play it like a game.  This was a better race and more what I would like to see from myself.

I am now 743 in this championship with 252 points.  Not too bad for my first series and missing the first two weeks of the season!

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