VRS MX-5 Cup Okayama Full – 2016 S2W11

Okayama Full, that was what week 11 is all about.  Just this week and next week and the season is over!  For the first attempt at this track, it started out really well for me.  I missed getting involved in a crash early on and ended up in forth.  But as racing giveth, racing takes it away.  Before the end of the first lap, I lost control of the car on the fast sweepers at the end of the lap and crashed into the wall.  It was right near the pits so I was able to get the car repaired but I came out of the pits in 10th.  But as I read in the beginners guide to iracing, you never stop going.  I finished out the race with minimal incident points and actually gained a few spots.  I feel I’m pretty strong at this track so I’ll give it another go when I have some more time.


Race 2 was a complete disaster.  Apparently, after watching the replay it was my fault as well.  I was being over aggressive trying to get a good finish and I ended up wrecking myself out of the race.  I qualified really well and started 4th.  After getting through the initial crazy start, it’s always a crazy start, I made a couple of laps and managed to stay near the front.  Then while trying to pass and make a move on another car, I was over aggressive and dive bombed him.  He turned down into me and sent me into the wall.  I managed to pit and fix the car but the damage was done.  I was now running around in 10th and trying to make up spots but I lost control again and completely totaled the car.  I spent the rest of the race in the pits.  This puts my irating below 1200 and my SR at 3.49.

Now that was an interesting race.  I got damaged on the first turn and fell back to about 8th place within the first lap.  I then figured out how to drive the damaged car and attempted to salvage yet another bad race.  I managed to claw my way back up to 5th with a couple of mistakes by other people and being able to pass much slower cars then myself.  Most of the race was spent doing laps in 5th but due to some questionable tactics at the front of the field, somebody got crashed out and I ended up finishing 4th.  I’ll take it.  Way to hang in there and get a decent finish.

Race 4 seemed to be my best race at this track so far.  I didn’t finish the best but it felt like I was actually able to race the field.  I was catching and passing people.  I was in 10th at one point and was able to pass 4 people to put myself in 6th at the finish.  I gained a little irating and a little SR but not much.  Since I finished 6th it was not technically my best race but it was probably the most fun I’ve had so far.  I was racing and I am figuring out how to control the car.  I am getting smoother and since I’ve switched to normal driving, I feel I’ve gotten a little faster.  At least I’m able to control the car better.  No more two footed driving!  Unless of course I get a clutch pedal down the road…..

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