The Story Of My Iracing PC

I work as an IT guy and one of our customers a while back had their server get infected and crash.  We recommended a new machine since they were using a workstation as a server so they purchased a new server.

I then asked them what to do with the old machine and they asked me to get rid of it.  At first I sighed and said I would so I took it with me when I left.  Upon further inspection of this machine I was glad I did.  This machine became my Iracing computer!

The first thing that I noticed was the case; of course I noticed the case!  It had gamer written all over it.  Big giant fans and lots of space inside for extra peripherals!  Before tossing this thing in the trash (taking it to recycle) I opened it up to see what was inside.  To my surprise this thing was equipped with an Asus Sabertooth Z77 motherboard!  It was relatively clean inside as well.

Well, that looks pretty good, how much memory does this thing have?  It has 8GB of memory!  Not too bad but it is the nice Corsair memory with the cooling fins on it.

I wonder what kind of processor this thing has?  Oh MY!  It’s got an i7!  That’s amazing!  This thing is pretty awesome!  And that price!  What a deal!

So, now that I have this machine, I need to fix it.  There were problems with the hard drive and that on board video card just won’t do for what I plan on doing to it!

So I ordered up a Mushkin Enhanced Triactor 250GB SSD Hard Drive.  I figured I would only be playing Iracing on the machine and that even with the recordings I would not need that much space.  My plan was to take the recordings off the machine anyway so I can edit them on the laptop.  That would free up that space and it should be super snappy with the SSD.

I also ordered a new video card.  I went with the GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB of memory.  I went with the Ti because it did not require any additional power so I did not have to spend the money on the power supply upgrade.

I was also able to use the Windows 7 Home Premium code that was already on the machine and load up Windows on it.  It took no time at all and that SSD is probably the reason.  This machine is really pretty snappy and I did not spend too much money in getting it running.  I helps a lot that I was pretty much gifted an i7 machine with some serious power!

Oh yea, I almost forgot, I also purchased a Dell 24” HDMI monitor with a 2ms response time.  I found that on sale at Micro Center for $125.  It seemed like a good deal, not as big as I would have liked and not the monitor that I was looking at, but for the price I went for it.  I may upgrade later in the future to an Ultrawide but for now this works.

Now with my Playseat and Thrustmater wheel I can race all day or all night which is really what I end up doing.  Life is too busy during the day!  Beats hooking the wheel to my laptop and trying to run on that!

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