Spinfest! Recap of 2016 Season 3 Week 2

What a busy week at work I had.  I did not get a chance to race during the week at all.  Had to work late a couple of nights and then there were family obligations.  Trying to keep up with 3 race series is going to be difficult I think.  Doesn’t mean that I’m not going to at least try and get them in.

I ran the Spec Racer Ford at Sebring, a track that I have never driven and a car that I seem to have trouble with.  The only trouble that I really have is when I try to go faster than I can.  Then I brake too hard and the back end of the car spins around.  This race did not go so well.  I qualified all the way in the back due to crashing on the 1st qualifying lap and then I proceeded to spin out all over the place.  There were times when I thought I was doing pretty well and at least catching the guy in front of me and then I would blow it by spinning the car out.  I need more practice in this car; I think I will run a couple of seasons in it.

I tried the Sebring track again and had a slightly better result.  I spent some time in the practice trying to figure out a stable setup to the car so that it wouldn’t always snap over steer while under braking so I adjusted the ride height in the rear to move a little more weight towards the front.  This actually worked and the car is a lot easier to control than before.  However, I am still uncomfortable in it and when I start gaining confidence, I end up pushing the car too hard and spinning out.  This is not doing wonders for my irating or my SR.  Both are quickly dropping while driving this car.  You can see in the main video, I actually start racing the guy in front of me and catching him.  I was doing well and went to get a run on him in a faster part of the track, I lose control of the car and spin out, in the process losing two positions to move me back to 11th.  I managed to pick up another spot, but it was due to someone wrecking out.  Once I get a handle on this car, I think it will make me a smoother driver and all other cars should be easier to master.

I am doing pretty well in my division, for Division 6 I am in 8th place out of 52 entrants.  Not too shabby for a car that is giving me fits!  For the overall championship I am pretty much right in the middle, 211 out of 521, still happy with that as well.

SRF Division 6 Standings S3W2

SRF Overall Standings S3W2

Running the Street Stock series on the oval tracks, this week it was at USA international speedway.  I qualified 8th, finished 8th and ended up with 2 incident points.  I was spun out while running 5th but the driver behind me but I was able to spin the car back around and get going again.  I think I need to be a little less aggressive while running this track.  If I can save my tires I think I could do better.  Oh yeah, I got promoted to D license for oval!

D License Oval

For some reason, I have taken to oval racing pretty quickly.  Second week and I have a D license already.  I’ve won a race (last week) and finished 8th this week!  This puts me right at the top of the standings at 273 of 2463, in the top 1% for this series.  Let’s see if I can keep it up.  This series only runs on two tracks so I don’t see any reason, barring crashing, that would hinder the progress!

Street Stock Standings 2016 S3W2

The last race, again, that I ran was the MX-5 Cup.  This week it was at Okayama and it was on the full circuit.  I qualified 8th and ended up finishing 5th.  That is not too bad a turn out and I only had one off track so my SR went up.  That’s good because the Spec Racer Ford is bringing it down!  For the most part I was just following the leaders and trying to keep up.  I was doing a fairly good job of that until the guy in front of me lost control and I had to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting him.  I wasn’t taking any chances this race.  With that incident, which I was not involved in, I was in 5th and maintaining a 7 second deficit for the rest of the race.  The last two laps the front pack started battling and I made significant gains on them and almost was able to squeeze out a 4th place, but it did not happen.  Oh well, there is always next week.  So far, I am 1649 out of 4919 entrants in the MX-5 Cup.  Not doing so well here, I only have 72 points!

MX-5 Cup Standings 2016 S3W2

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