2017 SEASON 4 WEEK 10 – Sim Update

This season I’ve been focusing on running 3 series, the Advanced Mazda Cup, the Blancpain Sprint, and the Xfinity Series.  To start this off, I went to the Advanced Mazda Cup.  This week it was at Road Atlanta and I ran about 20 minutes of practice.  I steadily increased my pace and tried different lines to get faster.  Next up was the race, I qualified 8th as the 2 car so that was not too good and raced pretty well up until I dive bombed the guy in front of me.  I finally got a good run on to the straight and I did not wasn’t to give up my opportunity, I ended up going in too deep and crashing the guy in front of me.  It was a mistake on my part and I felt terrible.  I guess I need to get better at driving still.  Either way, it is done.  I tried to wait for him to give up the position but he must have been wrecked pretty well.  I went on to finish the race but the 5th place does not feel too good….

In the Xfinity Camaro I ran a couple of laps of practice right before the race.  It seems that I can run 31 second laps indefinitely in this car.  If there were long runs I could probably do pretty well.  We’ll see during the race.  So I qualified 14th as the 4 car, not so good but my laps were in the 31 second range.  In the beginning of the race the cars all went around me as my strategy is always to conserve tires.  The first caution came out with only 5 laps on the tires.  I thought about staying out but I did not want to get freight trained by everyone so I came in for tires since I had nothing to lose, I was in the back.  The next run was a little longer and I caught up to the back of the pack and the 13 decided to send me around.  I saved it with no damage but the caution was back out and the tire situation was back to even.  I stayed with my strategy, came in for tires and was starting to catch the main pack again at the end of the race only to get caught up in a wreck that ended my race.  Oh well, I need to get faster in the beginning while still saving my tires.

I ran a couple of more laps of practice at the Silverstone circuit and felt ok, at least safe enough to race.  I was running 1:51’s in practice so I went for it.  The race left something to be desired.  I use this simulator for practice and sometimes I really need it.  I qualified last (not last, but the last car to qualify) and I wasn’t even close.  7 seconds off the lap times of the fastest guy.  I am just not good at this track.  Well I really probably just need more practice.  Maybe I should watch someone else’s lap to see where it is that I’m screwing up.  Anyway, I just really ran around at the back of the pack and was being slowly passed by the guys behind me.  I made it to pits without too much drama and then I screwed up the leader.  I slowed down to let min by but stayed right in his way.  I guess when you are at the limit it is hard to maneuver your car around some idiot, which was me!  I did terrible in this race, finished 17th and lost lots of SR.

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