Rushing To Finish Races In Week 8 – Sim Update

Fresh back from vacation and I need to run 3 races before the week ends to get my series points in for the week.  It’s Sunday night and I have to finish up these races.

The first race that I ran was the Spec Racer Ford at Lime Rock Park.  It went horrible.  I was disqualified in qualifying for driving the wrong way on the track.  I was on the other side of the pit wall when I crashed and decided to turn around and try and get to the entrance to repair the car avoiding the tow around.  Since it was qualifying and no one else was on the track I thought I’d get away with it, nope, disqualified.  So I started in the back for this race and at the start, my father in law stops by and starts talking to me.  I can’t pause the race so I’m distracted and I end up spinning out while trying to avoid chaos in the beginning.  Not that I would have stayed straight if he wasn’t here but I may have been paying more attention.  Oh well.  Things did not get any better, as I was turning laps, people were spinning out ahead of me and on one of them I tried to get on the inside of someone trying to get going again and lost control.  I ended up spinning out right in front of them and I think I crashed them out.  I was able to keep going but only ended up finishing in 12th.  It was a tough race and I wish I could have another crack at it but there is no time if I want to have a chance at getting the other ones in.

For Division 6, I am 6th out of 235 and am in the running for maybe a top 3 finish for my division.  I am only 16 points out of 3rd, with a good finish in one of these races, I could get up there!


Overall I am 161st of 1608.  Not too bad but I have a much better chance at the division.


I went for the 10PM Mazda race as well.  I qualified 5th and ended up finishing 4th.  Not a bad race overall, but I had the lead for a couple of laps after there was a wreck at the front.  I was able to scoot around the wreck and ended up being more nervous leading the race and trying to stay up front than I was chasing down the leaders.  The first guy passed me fair and square and I let him go, the second guy dive bombed me and I had no choice but to let him go.  The third guy I let go after getting into an incident with him, he got me a little sideways but I saved it and was able to keep going.  I let him pass on the next lap since he was dive bombing into the corner.  I gained irating on this race but lost SR due to the 2 incidents that I was involved in.  IRating is more important to me at this point so I am happy with the results.

Checking the results and standings for this series, I am 297th out of 10389 racers that have run in this series.  Not bad, in the top 10% of people running in this series.  Since everyone pretty much runs this car in this rookie series it is pretty good!


I managed to get all 3 race series in!  I ran the Street Stock series and finished 7th.  It was at USA International raceway and the Strength of Field was pretty high for this series.  So my Irating went up as well as my SR since I had minor incidents.  I hit the wall once, which was a 0 point incident.  I was spun out by the big mouth of the race, all he did was complain except when he spun me out.  I didn’t say anything on the radio but just recovered and kept going.  I was then able to avoid “The Big One” with all the leaders being taken out.  This put me in 8th.  Then someone took out the 13 car to put me in 7th.  Not too bad.

As for this series, I am currently in 51st out of 5764.  This is pretty good for my rookie series stock car debut.  To be in the top 100 is pretty cool!  That means I’m in the top 10%!


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