Road Trip – Pocono’s / Bushkill Falls

This is a trip that we took out to the Pocono’s.  It was my wife’s birthday and I decided to surprise her with a small road trip to the Pocono’s.

We really like to take road trips and spend time together in the car.  It’s good for communication since you end up talking to each other quite a bit.  Well it used to be that way until the invention of the smart phone which inevitably makes everyone less social…..

Anyway, the first stop on this road trip was to Bushkill Falls PA.  This was a nice hour and a half ride up 287 and 206 in NJ and then out Rt. 80 towards the Pocono’s.


We stopped at a scenic overlook which was pretty cool and found a TA rest stop in NJ which we did not think existed.  This was off of Rt. 80 somewhere close to the Pennsylvania border.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a rest stop on the side of the road when you need one.

Rt80 Scenic Overlook NJ

We then made our way up 209 in PA to Bushkill Falls.  This was a nice little area in Pennsylvania that had a great 2 mile trail that wrapped around 8 waterfalls.  To be honest, we felt like it was a little bit of a rip off since they charge you $15 per person to gain access to the falls, but the views were good and the trail definitely needs a lot of maintenance.  A lot of it is on wooden steps that traverse down the side of a gorge.  This is probably where they need all that money to keep that trail well maintained, which it was.

bushkill03 bushkill05 bushkill06 bushkill07 bushkill08 bushkill09 bushkill10 bushkill13 bushkill14 bushkill15 bushkill16 bushkill17 bushkill18 bushkill19 bushkill20

After the falls, we headed out to the Mountaintop Lodge at Lake Naomi.


This was a little bed and breakfast place that was on the side of the road.  They had four individual cabins in the back that were like little apartments.  I had rented one of these for the night to have a nice little getaway for her birthday.  The lady at check-in was nice enough but it was close to the end of her shift and you could tell, she was moving kind of slow and seemed like she was ready to go.  However, the lady in the morning was completely awesome!  We had gotten up early because my wife was going to run the Hashathon in Cheesequake State Park so we had to get up and go.  The lady would not let us leave without having some breakfast, and because she knew that we were in a rush she packed our breakfast (Egg and cheese on a bagel) to go and got us some to go coffee.  What a great way to start the day.

After we checked in at the cabin, I had planned a nice dinner out to replenish our energy from the hiking earlier in the day.  After doing some research on restaurants in the area, I had decided to take her to the Frogtown Chophouse.  What a great decision!  I recommend going here to anyone in the Pocono area looking for some really good food to eat.  We had Vegetarian French onion soup which was very good, then we ordered off the special menu and got a chorizo flatbread and then for the main course I had a NY strip steak with a roasted red pepper cream sauce drizzled over the top.  It was served with Asparagus and these delicious fingerling potatos.  Awesome!  Then they had a goat cheese cheesecake topped with some kind of cranberry sauce which was so good.  I would definitely go back here again if I was in the area.

Then, we were back at the cabin where we sat by the fireplace and watched a movie till we both fell asleep.  Up and adam at the crack of dawn because of the race my wife was running and the 1.5 hour drive that needed to get done in order to get home on time.

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