Racing – At The Very Beginning

Since I’ve decided to switch my focus and pursue some seat time racing I’ve been reaching out to some organizations in an attempt to figure out what I need.  I have decided that for now the most logical solution for me is to purchase a race kart and run locally at the track down the street from my house.  I have done my share of internet searching in an attempt to gather that information on my own but the information that I have received has been unclear at best.

I have checked out the Englishtown website for karting and can only find last year’s schedule and a document of classes that they offer, it is late December 2015 and the new schedules have not come out yet.   I attempted to contact them using their online form but have not had any correspondence.

I have also checked the NJMP website for their karting program and I had similar results as above.  This may just be due to the time of year and the facilities being closed for the winter.

I then found the New Jersey Sprint Series website.  This had similar information as the other two but they had an actual email address that I could use to send an email.  This has resulted in more information and has me quite excited.  They also have a store or some karts for sale that I can purchase.  The email I sent is below:

I am interested in running in a northeast series next year.  I am gathering information on what kind of kart i should get and what requirements there are for running them.  I am 39 and after doing some research was thinking of doing the TAG Heavy class.  However, I noticed on your application form that you need a different license to run the  125 TAG karts.  I am a beginner so i don’t have the experience that i think it states that you need.  I live right next to Englishtown Raceway and wanted to run the whole season there.  I’ve contacted them but have received no response.  Not completely unexpected since they are closed for the year.  What i’m looking for is some information on what karts i should be looking for and where can i get them?  I would like to be ready to run a full season next year and at this point i have some time to get ready.  Any information that you could help me with would be greatly appreciated.  


Thank you in advance for your help,

Eric Parker


What I got back was:


Glad to hear that you are interested in Karting.  Tag heavy would be a good class for you.  The other option is our PRD Senior class.  The main difference is going to be the cost.  PRD is what we consider our spec class where there are specs that all races need to stay within.  We will spec the gear ratio, and the class will be on a harder tire so that you don’t have to buy tires each week.  It does have less power than a typical Tag engine but that is because we have a smaller carburetor on the engine that limits the torque coming out of the corner.  Other than the engine the Kart chassis is the same for both classes.

In regards to license requirements: On the local and regional level you do not need one.  You will be able to race any class that you like.  So don’t worry about that. 

The Raceway Park club Schedule along with the New Jersey Sprint Series schedule will be posted by the end of January.  There will be aprox. 15 races along with practice days starting at the end of March and going until the first two weeks in November.  What we try to do is get to the track at least two weekends every month.  

In regards to where you can get everything you need.  The NJSS is also a full service Kart Shop where we stock and have distributors ships for everything you need.  From the Kart to engine to kart stand fuel jugs, Data Acquisition devices, tires etc.  I attached last year’s promotional form so that you know who we distribute for. 

I do have used or New Top Karts for sale. 

Used aprox. $2300—2500  New $4795 (plus shipping)  Economy new model for 2016 $3100 (plus shipping) 


Iame X30 (Tag Heavy)  apox $3200  complete less engine mount and battery

PRD (PRD Sr.) apox $1900  Complete less engine mount (includes Battery)

 I do leave for Daytona tomorrow for the WKA Daytona Kart week,  I’ll be there until January 3.  But anytime you want to talk after that give me a call.  We can have you up and running by mid January

 Here is a list of some different websites to check out that may get you more info

This was quite a surprise since my previous attempts at contact have been met with nothing.  The person from the New Jersey Sprint Series was quite helpful, as you can see and I will hopefully have a kart and be ready for the season by the end of January!


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