I’ve purchased and installed the GMC Arnott Air Bags in my GMC Envoy a few months ago and they have been awesome! The original air suspension had been sagging every morning when I went out to my car, once the car was started up the air bags would inflate and everything would be fine.  So I decided that the air bags were the problem, so i ordered a set of the Arnott Air bags.  When I first pulled them out of the box they looked kind of strange to me and I didn’t thing that they would work properly, since they were almost a perfect cylinder in shape.  However, when i installed them they inflated fully and worked perfectly. They actually look like the big rig air bags when fully inflated. They have been in the truck for a couple of months and I have had no trouble at all with them and the installation was simple and straight forward.  I would recommend these for anyone looking to repair or replace their air suspension in their GMC Envoy.  They are a direct replacement and gave no issues when installing.