PRD Fireball Starter Rebuild

So, as you can see in this post, I had an issue with the kart starting and was unable to get to the first race of the F-series state championship.  It was due to the starter being messed up and the brushes not working properly.  The wire that went from the power to the brush was broken inside the starter and causing it to not always make contact.  I could fudge it but when I actually tried to fix it the night before the race, it completely broke!

So I ordered new brushes and put them in.  Once they were installed, my new battery kicked it like crazy and there were no longer any starting issues.

This is how I replaced the brushes in the PRD Fireball Starter:

First off you need to disconnect all the power from the starter.  Mine had a Phillips head screw that held the main power in place.

Those wires hanging were connected to the starter, one was to the main power, the others were to the ground.

The ground wires were grounded using the 5mm Allen bolts that were holding the starter in place.  You will need to remove those bolts to take the starter out.  There are two of them, one on top and one on the bottom.

Once you remove those bolts you should be able to wiggle the starter away from the flywheel and remove it.

I also removed the plate that holds the rubber mounting piece for the electronic connector to the battery.  There is a rubber grommet that surrounds the electrical connector that should just slide off.  I cut the top of mine off when attempting a fix the night before the race so in the pictures it looks different.  I would keep it together if I had to do it again.

After removing the starter, metal plates, and grommet, remove the three Phillips head screws that hold the case over the magnetic coils.  It should come apart pretty easily.

Pull the coil out of the bearing.  I had to give it a little tap, but it was not difficult at all.  I would not put any significant force on this in the fear of messing up the starter gear.

Starter gear is on the other side

What I did next was incorrect, but I will share it with you anyway.  I pulled the black plastic piece out.  The reason I say it was incorrect is because when I did so the springs went flying.  I could not tell where they came out of and when I put it back together I got it wrong.  So I needed to take the entire thing apart again to resolve the issue.  Follow the instructions below to get it right!

To put this thing back together correctly, slide the black plastic piece into place.

Then put the springs into the sides as shown in the picture.

At this point you are going to probably need assistance.  You may be able to get it to go but I needed some help.  I recruited my 6 year old to help me.  You need to put the brushes in where the springs are, and then hold them back while you slide the coil into the bearing.  I was unable to do both and had my daughter slide the coil in while I held the brushes back.

Once the coil is all the way into the bearing, you can pop the cover back on and put everything back together.  Once I had it on the kart and attempted to start it, it kicked over like crazy!  Now on to getting it ready for race 2!


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