Porsche 944 Hood / Hatch Strut Replacement

Don’t you hate it when those hood struts fail and they no longer hold up your hood?  What about opening your rear hatch and having it fall on you?  Doesn’t that make you want to fix it?  Are you tired of carrying that old broom handle to hold it up?  Tired of looking for that broom handle?  Did you leave it in the garage and you’re out on the road?  You should really fix those struts.

If you have a Porsche 944, you’re in luck!  This article is all about replacing those struts!  I just got tired of holding up the hood with some kind of prop and trying not to knock it out while I was working; replacing the struts just seemed easier than having the hood fall on me.

Order those struts!  There will be two sets, one for the hood and one for the hatch.  Obviously, if one of those is working properly, you should not order those and only replace the ones that are not functioning properly.

First up is replacing the hood struts.  You will need your trusty hood prop to get this job done, but once it is complete, you can put it away until this set of struts fail! 

There is a peg with a clip that holds the hood portion of the strut onto the attachment point.  Just pop the clip off and slide the peg out.  This will release the side of the strut that is attached to the hood.

That is what the clip looks like holding the top of the strut on.

The bottom of the hood strut is attached to a little nub that the strut kind of pops onto.  To release the old strut, pull out the clip and pop it off the nub.

To put the new strut on, release the clip and push the bottom part onto the nub.  Then use the peg and clip to attach the top.  Do the other side and you are done!

The struts on the hatch of my Porsche 944 were also failing.  My hood prop was also in use on the hatch!

Prop up the hatch with whatever item you have decided appropriate to holding the hatch up.

Now disconnect the electrical connection that is connected to the top of the strut for the rear defroster. 

There is also one on the bottom of the strut that will need to be removed.  It is for the rear defroster as well.

Push down on the clip that holds the strut in place and pop it off of the nub it is connected to.  The bottom of the strut is connected the same way.

Push Down On This Clip

Attach the new struts to the attachment points.  You will need to figure out how your new struts clips work, undo them, attach the strut to the connection point, and put the clip back in place so it does not come off. 

You can see that the new clip is different…

The struts that I removed from the back hatch were different than the ones that came off.  They work and were the correct ones but the clips were different so the ones I took off were a push down clip, but the ones that went on were wrapped around and worked kind of like a c-clip.  Either way this is an easy job that can be done by anyone.

This is the new strut on the rear hatch.

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