Playseat Challenge Review

I’ve decided to up my game a little in the Sim Racing arena!  Instead of mounting my wheel and pedal set to a table and playing on a laptop screen, I’ve decided to invest in the PC setup to get a better handle on the racing itself.  Along with that PC purchase I’ve decided to get a racing seat.  The seat I went with was the Playseat Challenge.

At first I thought that the seat would not work out so great.  The fold-able features of it did not look so sturdy and I thought it may not hold up to the abuse of someone sitting in it for hours on end.  Also, the first time I saw one I sat in it and it must have been adjusted improperly because it was so uncomfortable.  So at first I thought that this was out of the question.

Then I started looking at some of the other sim rigs out there and found that I really didn’t have the space for them.  I was thinking of building a little room out in the garage for the setup, which would have been cool, but came with its own problems.  Heating and cooling tending to be the bigger ones, not to mention the fact that there would be a strange room in the garage when we went to sell the house!

I have to go to Micro Center in Paterson quite a bit for work and they had a Playseat Challenge on display.  I had to try it, so I put it down on the floor and found that you can adjust everything to suit your needs!  This changes everything!  I was adjusting the seat in a manner so that it felt very comfortable while you are sitting in it.  This will definitely work out!

This seat is pretty good!  I was able to mount my Thrustmater T150 wheel to the wheel mount and the pedals strapped right into the pedal holder without an issue.  I just clamped the T150 wheel down to the wheel base and it was fine.  Ricmotech sells an adapter that allows you to hard mount the wheel and I will probably be purchasing that soon.

As for comfort, the seat is perfect.  I have played for hours on end without feeling uncomfortable at all.  I’m a little on the heavier side and I fit in it fine.  I have the seat positioned in front of a 24” monitor which is situated above my PC which is set narrowly against the wall.  When the seat is folder out I have a pretty good racing position and I have definitely gotten a more immersive experience with the seat.  I have to say, with the force feedback wheel attached to the seat, you even get a little seat of the pants feel in the seat while you are playing.  It is quite the pleasurable experience.


The most amazing part of this whole thing with the Playseat Challenge is that it folds up and you can move it out of the way.  Right now I have my racing rig setup in my kids playroom.  I am able to setup the PC against the wall and play IRacing there while they are not around, I don’t have to worry about heating or cooling the crazy room in the garage, and I can just fold it up and put in towards the side when I’m not using it.  I keep it right next to the PC and it doesn’t take up too much room in the playroom.  Everyone is happy!  Especially me who now has a sim racing seat to really enjoy my simulation racing!



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