Only Was Able To Run 2 Series……

Fresh back from the Utah road trip and i would like to get the main races in, or at least the series that i am having some success at.  So i started to get my races in with the Street Stocks at Martinsville.  First race back so i got around 15 minutes of practice in and then went into the race.  I didn’t really think that was enough practice so i usually use the qualifying laps to get a little extra.  I qualified 1st and kept doing laps thinking that it was just a fluke and the others didn’t qualify.  To my amazement, i was on the pole.  I started the race off pretty bad and fell back to 4th but was able to recover and get myself back up to 2nd.  I was running down the leader when the caution came out.  Everyone pitted but me and i was back in first but on old tires.  I was definietely vulnerable and on the first greed lap, the 1 car attempted the bump and run ad got me all loose and sideways.  I recovered but fell back to fourth.  On old tires i was hanging on but could not reel them in.  The 2 car then spun trying to pass for 2nd place and ended up in the wall.  That brought out the caution and i ended the race in 3rd.

I managed to get the Skip Barber car in as well.  This week it was at Oulton Park, a track that i’ve never run before.  I got in the practice session with about 20 minutes left in it and got familiar with the track and started running decent lap times.  The qualifying came and i ran good laps but did not stay on track so neither of them counted.  I ended up starting in my car number position which was 15.  I was car 15 aout of 16 and started all the way in the back.  Like i said, i definitely was comfortable racing on this track and quickly made my way into the top 10.  I passed a few on the first lap and there must have been some wrecking going on in the fron because by lap 2 i was in 8th.  Then i was battling for 5th with another car for awhile, he got ahead of me and then must have been driving the mirror becuase he was all over the place and was slow.  I caught him going into the slow right hander and touched tires with him.  I didn’t mean to but i think i ruined his race.  I did have a good run on him though and thought that he should’ve known that i was there.  After a few more laps another car dropped out relegating me to 4th place where i finished.  That was a hell of a run up from the back of the field!

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