Only 2 Out Of 5……

I am going on vacation this week and I’m trying to get the 3 races in that I seem to be focusing on.  I am focusing on the Skip Barber Series, the Street Stocks, and the Blancpain Sprint Series.

I started with the Skip Barber cars at Watkins Glen.  They were running the Cup configuration with the bus stop.  This is a configuration that I have not run yet but I got the hang of it in this car pretty quickly.  I set decent lap times and when qualifying I ended up qualifying 2nd.  I quickly fell back to 5th in this race because I wanted to avoid trouble.  However, that was not to be, since this is a draft track, I was unable to get away from the opponents, and although I managed to make my way up to 3rd, the 2nd place car lost control and took me and the entire field out.  I was able to get my car into the pits and take my fast repair but I was back in 13th.  I ran the rest of the race as best as I could and managed to pull off a 7th place finish.

I ran the Skip Barber car again at Watkins Glen and boy am I glad I did.  That was the best race that I’ve had so far on the sim.  I was battling for the lead, we were swapping places, and all the racing was clean.  There was no contact and it was a hard fought battle.  I ended up finishing 2nd because my strategy backfired and I could not quite get alongside the leader on the last straight.  If I could have gotten a nose in I would have probably won the race but the leader made it through the bus stop very quickly on the last lap which put me farther behind than I wanted to be.  He must’ve seen what I was doing and made a bonsai run through there.  Oh well, I’ll take 2nd as the 15 car!

The street stocks were at New Smyrna and I jumped right in with no practice.  I am just not that good at the street stock to be doing that.  I qualified 10th as the 12 car in a 12 car field,  I was racing my way through the field when the caution came out and I made a pit stop.  I really must have screwed this up because my stop was 40+ seconds and it put me one lap down under caution.  That was not my plan, I just wanted new tires!  Anyway I was racing with the other lapped car for position when the 9 car hit me and spun me around.  I was angry at first but after viewing the replay saw that it was just a racing incident.  I ran my laps and at the end was involved in another wreck which ended my night.  Finishing last in the Street stock for the first time this season…..

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