No More Karting?

I am going to start off by warning you that this is not one of my normal posts.  I was going to post the article about making the seat adjustment on my kart, you’ll see that coming up, but instead decided to share with you what I’m currently going through.

Some of you may know that I have injured my back on my first ever outing in a race kart.  I think that the seat was the wrong size and I had bruised my ribs because of this.  This was way back in March of 2016.  Since then I raced the following weekend anyway and did miserable.  Finished last, and have been ever since but gradually getting better.  Putting my results aside, I did not do my back any favors by running that following weekend.  I did see a doctor prior to that but he stated that it was just pulled muscles and that I would do no more damage by running.  So I popped some Advil’s and went for it.  Paid for it later but I thought it was worth it.

After that I managed to purchase a new seat and install it.  This seemed to help but the injury was still lingering.  I took it for just being bruised ribs (not a pulled muscle like the doctor said) and just figured that it would take a while for them to heal.

All was going ok and I was feeling better all the way up to Race 6 (5 for me).  During this race my back (ribs, I don’t really know what the issue is….) were re-injured more than the normal re-injury that I encounter after racing.  I didn’t think anything of it and just took it easy for the next week.  By the end of the week I was starting to feel better and we decided to go to the electric go karts in Jersey City.  This is Pole Position Raceway in case you were wondering.

So, we’re at Pole Position raceway and we get in the kart, no problem except that my seat is all the way up.  The attendant sees me trying to adjust it but I was having no success.  He asks me if I would like him to do it for me and I agree.  He hops into the kart and slams his back into the seat while holding the little lever.  This moves the seat; I get in and go racing.  No issues.

I bet you can see where this is going…..

We always do three races.  So the second race we get in the karts and the same thing is happening.  My karts seat is all the way up, so I try to adjust it myself.  Pull the lever, and slam my back into the seat!  Well, that was stupid!  The seat did not give and I instantly had a lot of pain in my back/rib area.  Not enough for me to get out of the kart but I was hurting.  So much so that I did not even get out of the kart to have the attendant move it for me.

We did one more race after that but I was in pain.  Needless to say, I did not try to adjust the seat the third time.  I just left it where it was.

After the races and going home, the pain was getting progressively worse.  I was cursing myself for being an idiot and doing something to injure myself that was probably not warranted.  Or at least it did not make a difference to me either way.  We went to a BBQ that evening and I was trying to help cook, which I did, but my wife knew I was hurting.  After that, there was no more activity that day.

I took it easy the following week but it was still really bad, and still is as I’m writing this, but is getting better.  If I didn’t have bruised ribs before, I do now!  I am able to move and twist but it is very tender in that area.  Since that has happened, I’ve decided to not race in race 7 which was July 10th 2016.  This will give me almost 2 months without getting in the kart and give my back/ribs some time to heal.  I may even have to miss the next race, August 28th 2016, due to one of my kids birthdays.  Even more time off!

Hopefully once I’m healed, and the seat adjustment (post coming!), I will be able to continue karting.  It is loads of fun but I cannot keep injuring myself.  If I still hurt the next time out, I will probably be re-evaluating my karting career and looking to get into something with a suspension!


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