New Project! 2006 Audi A4

The Porsche has been sold.  At the time of this writing, I wish I had not sold it but the reasons why I did are apparent.  The 944 was not really family friendly and driving it with my family was not an option.  Let’s be realistic, the back seat is pretty much non-existent so It makes the car a 2-seater.  Therefore, I did not get to drive it as often as I would have liked and made the decision to move on.

I do like German cars, and have owned quite a few of them.  I have now picked up another one and it is a 2006 Audi A4 with the 2.0T motor in it.  It is a Quattro model and it pretty much what I was looking for when I purchased the VW back in 2010, only now they are much cheaper because they are old.  Either way, the car is pretty straight and has new tires on it, so that is an expense that will not be necessary.  It seems to run really good, the clutch seems like it grips well, and overall the car seems fine. 

There are a few issues with it, what’s a project without some stuff to fix?  The driver’s side rear quarter panel must have been hit at some point because the paint is a little off.  I’m not fixing that…..

If you look closely, that rear quarter is a little dull

Also the crease between the door and the front fender is a little damaged.  You have to be paying attention but it is visible.  That may or may not get fixed with a new fender, if I can find one cheap enough. 

The front “chrome” grill is also damaged.  I believe that this is just due to time, but I will probably replace that as well.  They are cheap enough new, I may even find one in a junk yard.  Time will tell.

There is a simple plan for this car; it is going to become my daily driver.  I do want to make some modifications to it though.  Life is too short to drive boring cars!

First I am going to just drive it for awhile and do the basic maintenance.  I want to make sure that the car runs well and is in good condition.  Unfortunately, do to Covid-19, I am unable to do that at the moment since I cannot register the car with the DMV.  That is the first step of the plan.

The modifications that I plan to do are small, I am going to do a Stage 1 reprogram on the computer.  This modification on its own will get a nice little bump in power, approximately 50HP and 50 foot pounds of torque.  Those are approximate, but it’s a good bump for not a lot of money.

The complimentary modification to the above is the high flow catalytic converter.  This adds another 25 or so horsepower and foot pounds of torque.  So that will put this car around 275HP with 275LB of Torque.  That is not too bad.  I do not plan on going any crazier than that.

I may do a performance suspension, or just some stiffer sway bars to get the handling down a little better, but they supposedly handle pretty good from the factory.

I will probably upgrade the stereo to something that has Bluetooth, since I use my phone for music and podcasts.  That will be the end of the modifications to this car.  I want it to be fun but I also usable for my family.

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