My First Race!!! PRD Spec Englishtown NJ, Race 1 2016

So, race weekend number 1 is over, I paid my $35 (had to mention this because I’m pretty frugal and I want you to know that I’m doing this on a budget!) and had a blast!  However, I am completely humbled by my experience!  I guess everyone who gets into racing thinks that they are going to just walk in and be at least competitive.  I was not in the least bit competitive; you can watch the first heat race below and know that I was nowhere near any of the other drivers.

The way race day works at Englishtown is you draw out of a hat for your starting position in Heat 1.  I drew last, which was fine by me since it was my first day, if for some reason I was faster than the other driver I could just pass them.  This was definitely a non-issue.  Then they invert that order for Heat race 2, which would put me on the pole.  I don’t really know how they figure out the Main, at that point I knew where I would be starting…..

Going out on the track for the first time I spun out in the first turn, we didn’t even start racing yet!  We did a couple of warm up laps around that track, I did that successfully without an issue and then I spun out again on the very first lap of the race.  At that point I had lost the pack and they were never to be seen again!  No matter how humbling my first race was, I still had a blast and any misfortune that had befallen my racing career is well worth it for the thrill of being out there!

For the second heat race, I was supposed to start on the pole since I drew last in the beginning.  I decided to give that up and go to the back.  Those guys are pretty competitive and they would have just run me over.  I would have been in the way.  I did marginally better my second race, no spin outs and I believe my lap times were improving.

In the video below, you can see the number 4 car drop out of the race in the very beginning.  He may be a good racer but his kart was giving him problems.  The red car is another newbie; he passes me at the end of the race.  The guy in the Tony kart passes me on the straight; he’s in a different class and is a super nice guy.  We talked before the main and he waited to pass to make sure that I wouldn’t somehow get to racing….

The main was my best race yet.  I started in the back again but kept up longer than the previous two runs.  The other newbie, the guy in the red kart, spun out which allowed me the opportunity to at least stay with him.  At the end of the race, he was still in sight which was much better than what I had been doing.  I could also see on my Mychron4 that my lap times were the lowest that they have been.  At least I was improving!

As stated in the practice post, my back ended up getting injured and I had to deal with that through this race.  I was not driving the best line through the turns in an attempt to keep my back from becoming too sore.  If you noticed the concrete sections, they tend to slam you into the seat and that is right where my back was bothering me.  I’m not sure if driving the modified line helped because by the last race I was in a decent amount of pain.  The adrenaline from the race helped but I was definitely feeling the pain in my back.

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