Missed the IMSA series this week – Running 5 is Tough!

I’ve started the week off at Concord Speedway in the Street Stock.  I kind of like this track, it is like a little mini Pocono.  I got some practice laps in and I paid attention to the track layout before jumping in so I realized that it had 3 turns.  I was running pretty good and was actually 5th fastest in practice.  Then qualifying started and I was sent to the back of the pack due to a black flag during qualifying.  I could not figure out how to serve it so I just stopped.  This race was filled with cautions because the car would get really loose coming out of turn one if you got on it too soon.  Everyone was spinning out on that turn.  I managed to pick up a lot of positions in this race by not letting the car get away from me and just running good laps.  I made my way all the way up from 17th to 5th.  My safety rating did not do to well but my irating should have gone up!

The series that I missed last week, the K&N National series!  This week it was at Texas motor speedway.  I got about 10 minutes of practice in and was not feeling very confident since I ended up on my roof a couple of times trying to get a fast lap around the track.  Then we get into qualifying and I find out that I am the 1 car for this race!  Ack!  So I end up qualifying 6th and race pretty well up through the entire race actually.  I saved my tires and ran pretty consistent laps throughout the entire race.  I managed to end up finishing in 5th in a pretty mundane race.  Nice and clean with a decent finish.

So I ran the Blancpain Series at Okayama on a Thursday night with very little practice.  I may have run a lap or two but I was able to run them pretty quickly so I was not too nervous.  It’s when I don’t know the track when I get nervous.  I was doing pretty good in the first half of the race and managed to get myself up to 8th place before the pit stops.  I must have been the only sucker to take tires because when I came out of the pits I was in 13th and when the pit cycles went through I was only 13th!  Damn, I lost 5 positions in the pits.  Must have been the tires, maybe even fuel as well, I ended up finishing this race in 11th position, losing both Irating and SR.

This week the Skip Barber Car was at Barber Motorsports Park.  I ran the full length of practice since i’ve never raced this track and I finally got the hand of it.  I felt that I was running pretty fast and then I qualified.  Oh boy, I qualified 15th.  That is what happens when you get into the top split.  You think your fast and then you’re not.  That’s ok, there was still a race left to run.  I managed to make my way into the top 10 with a couple of guys crashing out and not really being patient but then my lack of ability took over and I lost focus and let 4 cars by.  After that I was just trying to keep up but was falling back little by little until I made my big mistake at the end.  I spun out trying to make up as much time as possible in the uphill section towards the end of the lap.  Not a big deal, I did not lose any positions and finished 11th.

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