Missed It By A Nose! – Sim Update

Starting my racing pretty late this week, and going into next week will be the rush to get all my races in before we go on vacation again!  It’s rough to be me!  So it’s late on Friday, early on Saturday, and I decided to try and get a race in since I am pressed for time this weekend.

Street Stock is what I chose to run in the first race of the week.  I jumped right in with less than 10 minutes of practice and went for it.  I qualified in the back of the pack and raced there for the whole race.  Lost irating but gained some SR since it was a clean race.  This was completely uneventful.  I don’t think I was able to pass anyone today and I may have just been too focused on not crashing.  This is good for SR but not irating which is what I want.  The next step in the oval series is the late model series which runs on different tracks.  The rookie series just runs on Charlotte and USA and is quite boring but I am committed to finishing the season.  I will quickly move on to something else though.

I was able to get this race in again; unfortunately I had the same result of 11th.  Although it was a much higher strength of field so it resulted in better points in the championship.  I think I just need to practice a bit more and not be so rushed in getting these in.  More races should result in better finishes.  After thinking about this for a couple of more weeks, getting more practice laps in may be the ticket to better finishes as well.  I think I may be less ambitious next season and only run 2 series!  I will continue to try and not wreck in the meantime!

The points standings in this rookie series is all combined into one so there is just one positional standing for the Street Stock Series.  I’m not doing too bad and am 76th out of almost 5000 entrants.  That’s pretty good for my first season in oval racing!

SS 2016S3W6

The next race I ran was the Spec Racer Ford race at Donnington.  Another track that I’ve never run before and all tracks that I have purchased to run the Spec Racer Ford season in.  This was a fun track and I figured it out pretty quickly.  I was instantly within 2 seconds a lap of the leaders but with a drop of 2 seconds a lap I fell back pretty quickly.  It’s my first season in the SRF so I’m not too upset about finishing in the back.  With some more practice, I’ll be up front with those guys and will start winning!

As for the standings, for division 6 i’m in 5th place.  Very respectable for my first season.  Overall I am in 142nd.  This isn’t too great but it’s my first season and the racers in here are pretty experienced.



The Mazda MX-5 cup race was next.  It was at Charolotte Motor Speedway, the road course.  I did really well at this track, I qualified 3rd and ran for the lead the entire race.  I only lost by a nose at the very end.  I tried to stay back a little and get a good run off the last turn to slingshot by but I just couldn’t make it happen, even with the 3rd place guy pushing me the entire way!  Either way I finished 2nd in that race and am very satisfied.

The standings for this series are the same as the Street Stock, all grouped in together.  There are a lot more entrants in the MX-5 cup and it shows.  However, i am still in the top 1000 in my second season which is the top 10% so i call that a win.  Once i figure out the tracks a little better and maybe run some more practice, i should get into the top 100.  We’ll see.

MX5 Cup2016S3W6

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