I have enrolled in the Basic Auto Mechanics class at the East Brunswick Vocational High School.  This is a class that is held every Wednesday at 7:00PM and goes until 9:30PM or so.  It is part of the Adult educational program offered by Middlesex County Vocational schools.  They have a whole bunch of offerings that can be seen here but this page will be concentrating on the Basic Auto Mechanics class.

I have been working on cars ever since I got my license and I’ve started at the Basic Mechanic’s class to make sure that I am doing things correctly.  I will be writing blog posts about my experience and what was being taught in the classes, as well as any information that I have learned that may be helpful to you.  This page will have the links to the weekly posts for that class that I have taken that week.  At the end of the class I will write a summary of the class on this page for your review, so check the bottom of the page to see if that has been written yet…..

This is the first class that I have taken in a long time.  I have taken some online courses for my day job but nothing that actually required me to go and be somewhere at a specific time.  To be honest, I was quite nervous and was anxiously awaiting the end of my normal day to come so that I could go to school.

The nervousness quickly faded as I convinced myself that I was there to learn and to not be afraid to ask any questions that come to my mind.  This is my dream that I am talking about and I need to take this seriously and not be afraid of being successful or failing.  I need to take my shots, and this is one of them.  I really want to learn this trade and am eagerly awaiting the next class!

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 1 – Introduction

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 2 – Electrical Systems

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 3 – Engines

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 4 – Engines

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 5 – Cooling Systems

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 6 – Brakes

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 7 – Brakes

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 8 – Steering and Suspension

Basic Auto Mechanics – Week 9 – Automatic Transmissions