Mazda VRS MX-5 Cup – Laguna Seca 2016 S2W12

The first race of the week!  What an exciting time!  After doing a little bit of research, I have decided to change my field of view for an even more realistic feel.  It seems to have slowed things down a bit and using my Thrustmaster T150 seems a bit easier.  Enough with the statistics of trying to make me a faster driver on iracing, lets get on to the experiences.

Race 1 was going great till grid time.  I qualified 5th in a field that was much stronger than I and using the new FOV seems to have been helping.  However, I noticed that my red engine light was on while sitting on the grid.  This made me slightly worried but I thought that maybe the new FOV was just showing me something I didn’t see before.  But as the race starts, I find that the car doesn’t move at all!  That sucks!  I have to call a tow and lose a lap right off the bat.  Since early on I read that I should never quit a race, I went ahead and finished it up.  I made up one spot and ended up 9th.  It could have been much better because it seems that the leaders did not pull away from me so quickly right away.  The new FOV will be tried for a while.  I think I will be faster with it!

I decided to run the Spec Racer Ford race at Lime Rock.  I own all the content so it was easy for me to run a race and finish my MPR so that next season I will have a C license and be able to run in the C races.  I don’t think that I will be progressing much farther than that until I gain some more experience.  That being said, I did pretty well in the Spec Racer Ford at Lime Rock, I started last due to lacking any qualifiying at all ( I crashed out) and ended up finishing 5th out of 8 cars.  Not too bad.  Lost some irating and some SR but I will get promoted to a C license and that was my goal with this race.

Second race at Laguna Seca was ok.  I qualified 3rd but had some crazy dive bombers in the beginning take me off my line and I kind of lost control of the car.  I then got passed and shuffled back to 9th.  As the race progressed, I was able to make my way back to 5th and stay on the lead lap.  I was actually catching the cars running.  I think the Field of View setting is really making a difference.  I need to run a clean race.  My SR is dropping like a rock and I want to graduate to a C license at the promotion period.  Hopefully I can keep my SR above 3.0.

Third race at Laguna Seca, best race ever!  Finished in 2nd place and might have been able to fight for the lead except I was ran into and spun out while trying to run him down.  He would have probably needed to make a mistake for me to take the win but I wanted to be in position to take advantage of that if it happened.  Either way, I finished 2nd and am very happy with the result.  My irating is now back in the 1200’s and I managed to gain some SR.

This was the last week of the VRS Mazda MX-5 Cup series and my results are below.  I managed to finish in the top 400 with 477 points in the series.  I don’t think is bad considering that it’s my first time in iracing.  Hopefully I can improve while my iracing career advances.


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