Logitech G29 Iracing Setup

My trusty Thrustmaster T150 finally kicked the bucket after 2+ years of service playing iracing.  It started giving me trouble a couple of weeks ago but I got it working again, but the last time there was a pop and some burning coming from the unit and there was no longer any power.  Oh well, time to replace it.

I was prepared to spend some coin on a new wheel and pedal setup but I was not ready to step up to the Fanatec stuff, it just wasn’t in my budget, so the next upgrade was for a G29 wheel and pedal set.  This is supposedly and upgrade from the T150 so I went for it.  Considering it was not too much more expensive than the T150 it made sense.

This is what was in the box, so far the quality and the pressure of the pedals seems to be a step up from the old T150 unit, score!

I have a Playseat Challenge that I use when racing and this write up will be getting the G29 setup to use with it.

Set the pedals up on the seat in their designed position.

Then run the cable that goes to the steering wheel underneath the stopper for the pedals. 

Loosen the clamps that hold the wheel onto a table or other device. There is one on either side of the wheel.

Turn the wheel over and plug in the pedals and the power plug.

Adjust the mounting plate for the Playseat Challenge so that it is level and the G29 will not fall off.

Line up the screw holes, and if you have screws put them in, and tighten the clamps to the mount.

Once it is tight, you can sit in the chair and adjust the pedals to your liking.  Use the red turn knobs on the chair to loosen the slider and find where you want the pedals.  I had to move the slider out quite a bit because the new pedal base was much larger.

Next you will need to plug the unit into power, connect the brick and the power cable to a power source.

Switch the wheel to PS4 mode.

Then plug in the USB cable.

You will need to download the software from the Logitech website, or just click this link

After Installing the software, login to your Iracing account and start up a test session.  When it opens up you will be prompted to setup the controls since they are new.

Follow the prompts on how to configure your steering wheel, pedals, shifting, etc… so that you can use your new device with the software.

Below is a video of me setting up the software and configuring the controls.  One of my favorite options so far is the red circle button on the wheel which I’ve setup for toggling the black boxes.  What an awesome feature.  I’m sure it was for something else but that’s what I used it for.

Hopefully this is the upgrade that I was expecting.  I ran a couple of laps with the new setup but it wasn’t enough to get used to it.  The pedals feel much better but there is a clutch (that I did not setup) that may be in the way for me.  We will see. 

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