Last Week Of Season 3

Nothing like waiting till the last possible minute to finish my races for the week.  It’s Monday morning, Labor Day, and I’m in front of my PC racing!  Not the worst thing I can think of but it is definitely the last minute.

First up was the Street Stock race at USA international.  I haven’t raced in over a week and this is not my best track but I ended up the 5 car after the practice session.  Unfortunately I qualified 8th, which was the middle of the pack, and managed to keep myself clean all the way up until I started moving through the pack.  I was making the pass for 6th when I thought I had some more room and turned into the guy on the outside.  This spun me into the infield and caused me to lose 6 positions and be in 12th.  Through some accidents and someone disconnecting, I was able to move into the top 10.  I’ll have to take it because I am out of time…..

For the Street Stock series for Season 3 2016 I finished 97th out of 7418.  This is the top 100 and that was my goal!  Time to move on to the next series!  I will probably run the legends car next.


Next up today, Spec Racer Ford at Laguna Seca.  I am pretty familiar with this track since the MX-5 runs at it too so I was pretty good at it right off the bat.  I ended up qualifying 12th and finishing with a 9th place finish.  It was a good clean race and I ran good clean laps that got faster and faster as the race went on and I got more comfortable with the car on the track.  There were no incidents at all except for a couple of minor off tracks, one that was a little more than minor but I ended up saving and holding position.  Overall I am very satisfied with this finish.  It was one of my better Spec Racer Ford races.

I ended up with a pretty good finish for the Division 6 people.  6th place for my first season in this car, not too bad!  As for the overall standings, I ended up finishing 171 out of 2021, I’m pretty happy with this result as well but finishing in the top 100 is still the goal for the overall.  I will definitely be running this car again next season.



The MX-5 race was also at Laguna Seca, and I qualified 2nd for this race.  I knew I was going to fall back in the beginning because people are crazy in the beginning and they dive bomb and try to be a first lap hero, but I managed to keep myself in 4th.  As the race went on, I made a few mistakes and ended up dropping back to 6th.  This was due to running other people’s lines and not paying attention to where I was going.  I was braking too late, not turning in soon enough, etc….  I then calmed down and started running my race and making progress.  I was making a pass through the kink, and we made it through there without an issue but they turned down on me and sent me flying into the inside wall.  I needed to pit for repairs so my race was over.  I ended up finishing 10th, all the way at the back….

Finally the MX-5 standings!  I did not do as well with these as I’d hoped.  Still the top 5% but only 395th out of 12928, not the worst finish in the world but I would have liked to do a little better.  I may run this again next season, or maybe the Production Car Challenge.  Not sure yet, tune in to find out!



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