Last Minute Sim Racer!

I waited to the absolute last minute to even try to get my races in this week.  It’s Sunday afternoon and i just started.  Of course, i had to setup my new PC and racing chair!  Anyway, the first race of the week was the K&N National series at Texas Motor speedway.  This is how it went.


I started practice my usual 1/2 hour before the race to get my laps in and practice.  I like to get the feel for the track before just jumping in and racing.  So i was getting comfortable on the track and attempting not to spin out when the tires go bad and not really being all that successful at it.  Eventually I got it down and qualifying started.  I was the number 4 car in my split and i qualified 10th.  Qualifying in the National cars is separated by tenths of a second so i was none too worried.  Starting 10th I held my line on the start and lost a few positions.  I let everyone get settled and made my way up through the field, uneventfully to 4th where I finished the race.  I felt like i had a shot to get up to 3rd but i ran out of laps.  Oh well….

I had to get the Spec Racer Ford race in and it was at Summit Point.  Practicing in my new chair was pretty good.  I felt completely comfortable with the wheel and the pedals.  I was running pretty good laps and was showing as 6th fastest in the practic3e room.  There was a lot of racers in the room so i thought that it was pretty good.  Qualifying was ok and i ended up starting in 5th.  The start of the race was really hectic, the outside pole sitter did not go on the start and we were scrambling to get around him.  This made me go 3 wide and was the car all the way on the inside.  Then the guy on the outside got pit maneuvered and he ended up taking me out.  This put me all the way in the back and i had to maek my way back through the field.  I did pretty good and managed to avoid most of the wrecks in front of me and get my way up to 6th position for the finish.  Not too bad for getting taken out in the beginning.

I got the last race of the week in today.  It was the 9:15 race at Monza in the MX-5 cup car.  I went into practice ending up as one of the slower cars.  This was a drafting track so since I was not around anyone, there was no fast times.  I qualified in the back as well, starting 8th out of 9.  I did start to make some headway during the race as i was able to keep up using the draft, but that was short lived.  I ended up spinning out on the long sweeper trying to figure it out and get a better run out of the turn.  I hit the inside wall and needed to pit for repairs.  The rest of the race was me riding around trying to finish.  I ended up 7th.

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