Just The K&N Race This Week

A very short post this week due to the fact of a long work week that really interfered with my racing, I did this race on Monday night at the very beginning of the week and was unable to get any others in.  This was very disappointing to me because I really want to get the entire series in when I commit to it.  Unfortunately, sometimes the Spec Racer Ford series does not go official but the other one’s I am usually able to get in.  Sometimes you just have to work…..

First race of the week is the K&N Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway!  I went into practic3e and there were 140+ people registered to race, in my practice session, I had the 40th fastest time.  Now I don’t know if that is out of the 140 or not but it seemed like I was in the top range.  Anyway, I was in one of the middle splits and ended up being the 18 car.  I qualified 5th!  That was awesome!  Maybe I’ll get a good finish here since I know the track pretty well and I can possibly stay with the leaders.  I was definitely able to stay with the leaders and I was keeping them in sight and then the big one happened.  I was taken out in a wreck and my car was damaged and would not start.  I took it to the pits and waited for the tow.  I was so fast here and I am disappointed with this finish.  I will need to try this one again; I lost a lot of irating and some SR as well.

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