Joined A League In Iracing……

This post is in the format that i planned to use for the league that i joined in Iracing.  I planned on taking it quite serious and was going to post about the practice sessions and any setup that would come out of it.  I was then also going to put the race in this one giant post.  If i ever join another league you will see posts like this mapping out how much work goes into being competitive in a league.  As it states at the bottom of this post, it is unfortunate that there was not enough of a turn out for this league, i was really looking forward to it.

I’ve decided to join a league after seeing a post on Facebook.  It was for the Amateur Socks Out Racing League.  They run the Street Stock on road courses.  Sounds like fun.  So I applied and am awaiting my approval.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be approved so I started practicing in the Street Stock at Laguna Seca.  Let me tell you this car is a handful on a road course and I will need a little bit more practice to get competitive.  I have a week and a half to get it down so I plan on running that course a lot over the next week or so.  I’ll be trying to get the setup right and such.  Right now my fastest lap is in the 1:43 range.  I think that needs improvement.

I decided to run a couple more laps of practice in the Street Stock for Laguna Seca.  The first race of the season is on Friday and I want to be ready.  I pretty much have the track down except for that last turn where I am getting a little over zealous and mashing the gas like I would if I were driving the Mazda.  Unfortunately this car has a lot more power and a lot less grip so I end up sideways.  I will continue to practice!

Practice 3 went pretty well.  I increased the camber a little on the tires and put the gear ratio back to 3.50.  This allowed a little less shifting and slight faster lap times.  I was pretty happy with the setup and the car is really controllable now, especially out of the last turn.  I am no longer spinning out while mashing the gas.  Of course that may be just because I no longer am mashing the gas and I’m getting it straight before punching it!  Fastest lap time dipped into the 1:42 range.  Not too bad!

Unfortunately this league got cancelled due to the lack of sign ups.  I was pretty bummed because it was something that I could actually commit to.  It was once a month on Friday nights at an hour where I would be home.  I was also a little disappointed because I put in some time in trying to get prepared to run the series.  Or at least put in some practice laps at Laguna Seca where the first race of the year would be.  They do have another similar series which I would be qualified for but it runs on Saturday afternoons; actually it is a full race weekend with the practice on Saturday and the race running on Sunday.  It was a similar setup with stock cars running on street courses.  These are all feeder series to their V8 Supertrucks.  With my busy schedule I would have problems running there other series because I could not commit to running on a Saturday afternoon, there are too many kid things going on at this time!  If this series was in the evening I may have been able to.

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