IRacing VRS MX-5 Cup Week 9 Lime Rock

This week we are at Lime Rock again.  The first week I started, week 3, we were at Lime Rock with the MX-5 Miata but without the Chicane.  This time we are running with it.  The first race was pretty good, I crashed the car qualifying so I had to start at the back, but within the first lap I was in 3rd.  There was complete carnage on the first lap.  People were crashing everywhere and I was just following the 9 car through the field.  He kept me out of trouble and I made it through with 0 incident points.  I ran a completely clean race after that but could not catch the 9 car.  He ended up almost 30 seconds ahead of me.  I need to learn to drive faster.  I’ll get the hang of it; it’s only my first season.  Anyway, I gained irating and SR so this race was a complete success.

I could not find any more time to run any other races, so there is not a highlight reel preceding the race on this one, just the one full race with a 3rd place finish.  That puts me 521st in the championship points for the Virtual Racing School MX-5 cup.

Week 9 Points

After thinking about the good race that I had I decided to go back and take a look at the results.  I know I finished 3rd but that was due to the carnage on the first lap and everyone pretty much going a lap down right away.  Then I only needed to focus on keeping up with the 9 car which I could not do.  Looking back at the results, I was 1.5 seconds a lap slower than the leader and a full second a lap slower than the 9 car!  They both have higher irating than myself and are Class C and A respectively but I was unable to keep pace with them.

Because of this, I was going to try and get some practice laps in because I did notice that I was a little off the pace of the leaders.  So with a good 3rd place finish for my first race I was going to practice for the following weeks race but I did not get a chance to.  It’s been so busy with getting back from vacation and then working a long week.  This followed up with a busy weekend and real kart racing I just did not have the time to get on the virtual race track.

However, the practice that I’m getting on the iracing platform is starting to show a little with the kart racing.  I have been gaining on the lead pack.  I’m not with them yet, but my line through the track has been improving and my lap times have been decreasing.  This is precisely why I signed up for the service and started racing, to get seat time without having to actually go to the track.  Too bad they don’t have a karting series…..Maybe after #Dirt Confirmed.

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