IRacing VRS MX-5 Cup – Okayama 2016S2W8

After setting up my trusty Thrustmaster T150 wheel and getting ready to race, the following video is what happend.  There is no commentary this week due to lack of time but there is a highlight reel followed by the best race of the week.  Or at least the one with the best result.

My first race at Okayama raceway was really uneventful.  Started 9th and finished 9th.  Lost Irating but I believe that I gained SR.  Doesn’t really matter, I was really bad in the race, it was my first race back from vacation and I’m 1 week out of practice. I thought I was doing well in practice, but once the race started I could see that I was slow compared to the rest of the field.  I also was hit from behind while trying to avoid an accident.  This most likely cost me 2 positions but that would have me finishing 7th.  I need to learn how to win!  I may try again for this track before the week is over.

For my second race of the week, I tried something different to get my MPR for the next license class.  I own the spec racer ford and Charlotte motor speedway so I took the opportunity, since they are racing there this week, to run the Spec Racer Ford on that track.  I finished 10th out of 16 so not too bad for my first time out, and the Strength of Field was a little higher than I am normally racing.  Keep racing, practice makes perfect!

My second race at Okayama was terrible.  I had the number 2 car and finished 7th.  This was largely due to the fact that the number 6 car was causing all kinds of trouble for me.  He wouldn’t let me pass, I would get next to him and have the line and he would come down and crash us both.  He did it to me twice, the third time I just punted him out of my way and I guess he got disqualified.  He probably had too many incident points.  I didn’t get too mad, but I lost irating and SR on that one.  Oh well.  Didn’t do too good with the Championship either.

Third race was ok, I qualified 6th and finished 5th.  This was mostly due to a big accident right on the first lap which I was able to navigate around.  The rest of the race I ran around in 4th till I messed up with 3 laps to go and got passed and ended up 5th.  It was my best race at this track so far so I’ll take it.

I went for another Spec Racer Ford race since I want to be able to get a C License at the end of this season.  I did better than expected.  I did a quick lookup for setups on the car to make it more predictable and it was dead on.  The car was much easier to drive than the first time I ran it.  I left the tire pressures at the default and followed the rest of the setup in this article.  I ended up finishing 7th and that is ok with me.  Only my second time in that car, maybe next season I’ll actually run it.  We’ll see.  I did get a little over ambitions during the middle of the race and thought I could catch the guy in front of me, but I ended up spinning out and ruining my SR.  I just did this to meet the MPR for my C license anyway.

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