IRacing MX-5 Cup – Summit Point

This was a pretty good week for me, I was upgraded to a class D license and I gained a couple of spots in the Championship standings to put myself 1396 out of 8581 drivers.  Not bad for my first season on iracing.  I’m only going to get better!  I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just a training tool for the real thing, but it is awesome!  The video highlights are below, if you prefer to read, keep on!

My first attempt at Summit Point Raceway was a huge success.  I got the hang of this track right away and was able to qualify 4th.  I know I’m still a rookie and the strength of field is not too high but that was pretty good for the first time at this track.  I managed to run a pretty clean race, the only incident that was major was someone ran into the back of me and tried to take me out.  I’m becoming a much better driver and I was able to save it.  This really is just like driving a real car.  It behaves very similar.  What a great tool!  Other than that and a little bit of very clean racing, all went well.  I managed to finish 5th, gain a couple of points in SR and collect 41 Championship points.  I think I can do better.  I’ll run this one again; maybe even a couple of times!

Second run at Summit Point, what an awesome race I had.  It was clean, with one off where I lost control but saved the car and didn’t hit anything.  It allowed one of the drivers to pass me but I think he was a lap down, or I lost 2nd place there.  He didn’t pass me while I lost control but was able to catch me because of it.  This was my first podium finish with a 3rd place!  It’s only my 3rd week in and I’ve now finished on the podium!  This is awesome news!  I qualified terrible for this race, started 7th and moved up through the field to finish 3rd!  Some people crashed, while others I was just able to get around.  I’m really getting the hand of how the car handles and it is super realistic.  What a safe environment to push a car to its limits without worry of injury.  I’m a fan of iracing!  I also collected 56 Championship points and .15 SR!  That puts me at 2.85!  If I get to 3.0 I think I’ll get my D license!  Woot!

My third run at Summit point did not go too well.  I qualified 6th and finished 7th.  I was running 5th for a long time but ended up crashing pretty bad attempting to reel in 4th place.  Because I only crashed myself I did manage to increase my SR which puts me at a 2.97.  I’m almost out of Rookies!  All my requirements are met except for that one.  I think I will try another race tonight and see if I can improve my times at all.  I’ll sign up and start practicing.

Fourth Race!  Got promoted to a D License!  I am officially out of Rookies!  I qualified 9th for this race and finished 5th.  It was a great run and I had 0 Incident points.  This is what boosted me up to the D License.  There was good clean racing and it was a blast.  So now I’m just running the MX-5 cup to finish the series since none of the races count towards my improved license.  That’s Awesome.  I even have an irating now and it is 1305!  Nice!

5th time around was not too good.  I finished 7th and qualified 9th.  I lost 29 points of irating and my SR dropped .01.  I had a couple of off track events and I had a collision in one of the turns.  I was trying to gain positions but was unable to because I was pushing so hard and losing control of the car.  Not a good race!  I was in a race with all class D drivers so I am definitely out of rookies!

The 6th race in this series went well too.  I finished 3rd, gained SR and irating!  The race was real clean and I was chasing the lead pack the whole race.  They pulled away from me but I was running a solid 5th the entire time.  I ended up battling with a couple of cars behind me for a while but I was able to get back in my groove and pull away from them later in the race.  Fortunately for me, 2 cars in the lead pack mixed it up and I was able to pass their crashed cars and finish 3rd.

I then jumped straight into a Cadillac cup race……this did not go well.  I thought it was on the same track as the MX-5 cup races but it ended up being at the same location but a different circuit.  So I was racing a car I’ve never driven on a track that I did not know!  I thought I would only have the one variable but I was wrong.. I ended up disqualified for too many incident points.  My SR has been knocked back down to what it was before the last race.  Maybe I should have practiced first.

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