Introduction To Built To Drive

I’ve created the site….check!  Designed a logo…..check!  I even put a projects page up (even though there’s nothing in it!)…..check!  Now this is the first official blog post that I am going to publish.  It will be an overview of what this site is all about and what I want to accomplish with it.  It will challenge me to face my own personal demons in the hopes of getting me where I want to go.  I’ve been listening to tons of “make money on the internet” podcasts and read some of the posts about such ideas and have come up with this.  It’s not exactly a straight up make money site where there will be a bunch of ads to click on that just take up the entire page but more of a branding site that hopefully brings value to whoever wants to read this.

Now, on to those people who I want to read this.  I have many ideas that may come to fruition as a result of Built To Drive.  The main goal is to get my butt moving on what I really want to do with my life.  I am absolutely enamored with anything with wheels.  I love cars, trucks, 18 wheelers, motor homes, and any other form of wheeled transportation that you can think of.  That being said (written in this case) I want to get moving on building a project car, one that can be driven daily as well as tracked if I so desire.  I plan on documenting my process of getting there in this blog and on this site.  I will take you through what I have done to make extra money, make space, and eventually when the car is here, the build process.  I have 2 kids, a wife, and a mortgage so money is somewhat of an issue but as of now I have around $700 saved up for my next project.  Obviously this build will be low budget!

I have other ideas for this site as well.  I plan on interviewing people on their vehicles and possibly starting a podcast later on that will bring an audio version of the interviews for your listening pleasure.  I will showcase these vehicles in the blog and try to bring you specs, build times and costs associated with the builds.  Hopefully you will get a well-rounded assortment of vehicles that have been modified for your viewing pleasure.

Driving is what I am most passionate about, hence the name Built To Drive.  So I will attempt to interview drivers in all their many forms.  I will try to get racers, enthusiasts, truck drivers, and even small package delivery drivers to submit to an interview and find out why they have the shared passion for the road and how they go about scratching that itch.

I will also try and give the location of great driving roads that I come across.  I am on the road all the time and on occasion I come across a road that is just awesome.  When this happens, I plan on posting it on the blog and creating a page that will link to those posts for easy access in the future.  As the site becomes more successful, I plan on purchasing a Go Pro and making a video of these drives to give the viewers a glimpse of these great driving roads.

I am putting this post out there for two reasons.  One is to not have a blank home page……and two is to hold myself accountable to moving forward with this site.  I will be setting up a mail chimp mailing list very shortly and hopefully people will subscribe, which will bring the accountability factor up and so on and so on.  So, look for more upcoming posts on my favorite topic, Driving!



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