Infiniti G37 Rear Brake Pad Replacement

A friend of mine has an Infiniti G37 AWD and it was in need of rear brakes.  They took it to a mechanic that they normally take their cars to and he stated that the rear pads needed to be replaced and that they could only go about 3000 more miles before they needed to be replaced.  Since the front ones were fine, they seemed a little skeptical and asked me to take a look.  The rear pads did in fact need to be replaced and after doing some internet research on the issue it seems to be a common occurrence for the rear pads on a G37 to wear out before the fronts.  A little strange but it happens none the less.

My friends purchased the pads from amazon, but they purchased the pads without the hardware.  I would purchase the pads below:

To change the pads is a pretty easy, it’s pretty much the same as any other brake job.  Since we are doing the rear brakes, make sure that the parking brake is not applied.

The first order of business is to find the jack point for the rear of the vehicle.

2013 G37 Rear Jack Point

Jack the car up a little, but not enough to lift the tire off the ground.  You will want to loosen the lugs while the tire is still on the ground so that the wheel does not spin on you.

Infiniti G37 Wheel Jacked UP

Once the lugs are loose you can go ahead and lift the tire off the ground, remove the lugs, and remove the tire.

Infiniti G37 Rear Wheel Removed

You will need a 14mm wrench or socket to remove the two brake caliper bolts from the brake caliper.  I needed to use a wrench for the lowest bolt because the lower control arm was in the way.

Infiniti G37 Rear Brake Caliper Bolts

I needed to use an open ended wrench for the lower brake caliper bolt

I needed to use an open ended wrench for the lower brake caliper bolt

Once the bolts are removed, you can slide the brake caliper up and over the brake pads and rotor.  I actually had to rotate the caliper on the bottom bolt because the bolt would not come all the way out due to the lower control arm.

Infiniti G37 Brake Caliper Removal

Rear Caliper Hanging from Lower bolt

Rear Caliper Hanging from Lower bolt

Remove the brake pads from the mounts.

I would normally replace the brake hardware as well, but my friends did not order new brake hardware.  So I lubricated the existing hardware instead.

I lubricated the brake hardware

I lubricated the brake hardware

Lubricate the rubber seal on the brake caliper piston and then use a C-Clamp to push the piston back into its bore.

Infiniti G37 Brake Caliper Piston Lubricated

Infiniti G37 Resetting Brake Caliper

I put some lube on the back of the brake pads before installing them in the mounts.

Infiniti G37 Brake Pads Lubed

Install the brake pads into the mounts.

Infiniti G37 Brake Pads Installed

Slide the brake caliper back over the new brake pads and tighten down the 14mm bolts.  This jobe is now done.

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