Infiniti G37 Front Brake Pad Replacement

Not only do my friends have a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota 4 Runner, they also have an Infinity G37!  I’ve done the rear brakes twice on this car already, it seems to eat them up, but now it was time to replace the front brake pads.  This is how to do it!

Go find your wheel lock, it is probably neatly put away in the trunk but you will need it.  Then loosen the lugs on the wheel so that when you lift the car off the ground it is easier to remove.

Find a good mounting point for the jack.  There was a steel bracket that was in reach that I decided to use.  I did not want to damage any of the body on this car, it’s very nice.

I then slid a low profile jack underneath the car and aligned it with that mounting point that I chose.

Jack the wheel up off the ground and then remove all the lug nuts so that you can then remove the wheel and expose the brakes.

This is one of the easiest brake jobs I’ve done, or I’m just getting very good at it!  It consists of 2 bolts and a clamp.  This makes it really hard to fill a blog post with but I’m going to try.

What you need to do is remove the two 14mm bolts that are holding the caliper in place.  This is very easy and once the two bolts are removed you will be able to slide the caliper off the brake pads.

Once the caliper is removed, you will be able to slide the brake pads out from the brake carrier.


I would recommend using new brake hardware when performing the brake pad replacement so if you have purchased new hardware, this is the time to remove them.  If you have not purchased new hardware, I would grease up the old hardware to facilitate the motion of the brake pads and make it easier for them to move back and forth.  I used red grease as my lubricant since that is what I had on hand.

You will now be able to put the new brake pads on, be careful not to get any grease on any of the braking surfaces.  It’s not the end of the world if you do but may cause longer than expected stopping distances until it wears off.

Now you can push in the caliper pistons.  What I normally do is use the grease that I put on the brake hardware and coat the rubber portion of the pistons so that they are lubricated and protected.

To push in the piston, you will need a C-clamp and one of the old brake pads.  Well I use an old brake pad, I’m sure there is a tool for this.  Put one of the old brake pads in front of the pistons and use the C-clamp to push the pistons in.

Once the pistons are all the way in, remove the old brake pad and slide the brake caliper over the newly installed brake pads.

Re-install the brake caliper bolts, put the wheel back on, and you are good to go.

The brake pedal will most likely go to the floor after installation but a few pumps of the pedal will bring pressure back.

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