I Swear I Didn’t See Him! ……. Sim Update!

Starting early this week!  It’s Monday night and I ran my first race!  Should’ve waited till the last minute!

Street Stock at Charolotte Motor Speedway, usually a pretty good track for me, but on the first lap I got tangled up with some racers and ended up damaging the car and just running laps to finish the race.  I tried to stay out of the way but was unsuccessful.  Was getting yelled at and cursed at.  It was not fun race.  The accident was definitely my fault after watching the replay, but I didn’t see either driver on my screen (Replay proves that too!), and my spotter did not tell me they were there.  I thought I was clear on the high side and I wasn’t.  Oh well, it’s just a computer game.  Good practice, but a game in the end.

The first race was so bad that I had to try again.  Even though I’m limited on time this week I was able to sneak a race in at Charlotte.  It’s a quick 20 laps so I figured I could.  I was first in the practice and ended up starting near the front for the actual race.  It was really dicey throughout most of the race with all of us running side by side probably for the first 10 laps.  Then we caught some lap traffic with our tires starting to wear and the carnage ensued!  Fortunately, I was just riding around the track at the back of the lead pack and was able to avoid most of it.  I had a 4x for someone hitting me on the start but that was it.  The 5 people in front of me were battling and they took themselves out.  If I had a couple of more laps I may have made a run for the win.  A much better race!

Ran the Mazda MX-5 cup on Wednesday night, qualified 6th and finished 9th due to two screw ups on track.  Completely my fault!  The first one was coming out of the last turn on to the straight, I was trying to get the best run I could out of the corner to try and catch up to the leaders, but ended up going wide and sliding out of control.  I didn’t hit anything or anybody but I lost 4 positions.  This is the incident that put me back in 9th.  The next incident was when I caught back up to the 4 people who just passed me.  I got a good run off of the last turn near the esses and was right on the guys bumper.  I went in a little shallow on the one little kink in the circuit and ended up sliding sideways through the grass.  Again, I was able to save it without damaging the car or hitting anything but I was no longer in a position to battle for position.  I finished the race in 9th.  Unfortunately the video did not come out well and it was ll just audio, so there is no video for this race.

What a great Spec Racer Ford race!  I had a chance for a podium finish at the end and blew it because I zoned out on lapped traffic and forgot to hit my marks.  Either way, I fell to the back in the beginning and let everyone fight it out.  I know that this car is hard to drive but I have a good stable setup and can keep it from spinning out as long as I hit my marks.  So I made my way up through the field and was battling for 3rd on the last lap and ended up going off track on the turn after the fast section.  Oh well, I’ll take a 4th place finish in this series no problem!

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