GMC Envoy Headlight Relay

I’m leaving work on Memorial Day weekend thinking about making my way Indianapolis for the Indianapolis 500, go to start my truck, and nothing…This is not a great way to start my weekend.  So now I have to get this truck out of the parking lot and get on the road to Indianapolis.  Not a great start to Memorial Day weekend.

So the battery was obviously dead, it was about the same time that the original battery went dead so I just decided to go to the auto parts store and purchase a battery. 

Get back to the truck, pop the battery in, and it starts right up.  At this point I figured it’s fixed so I take it home, but soon realize that the high beams are stuck on.  No matter what I do, they do not turn off.  Hmmm, what could the problem be?

It turns out that I probably did not need a new battery…..the head light relay had gone bad.  I verified this by opening the fuse box after smelling the burning, and seeing that the relay had pretty much exploded.  I shut the truck off and pulled the relay out so the battery would not die again.  I then went on vacation.

When I got home, the relay that I ordered had arrived.  This is super simple to replace and will take about 5 minutes; this is how you do it.

This is probably the easiest repair job that I have ever done.  No tools required and just a little bit of elbow grease to get the relay out!

Remove the fuse box cover from the fuse block that is in the engine bay.  There are two clips that you need to push in and then you can pull the cover up and off the fuse block.  Push both clips in and pull the cover off the block.

Front Clip
Rear Clip

You then will need to pull off the hard plastic cover that is covering all the fuses and relays.  This pulls straight up, it may be a little difficult to get off but it will pull off.  Just be careful not to break anything, it is all pretty hard plastic so this should not be an issue.

This Cover Pops Off, the Bolts don’t come out!

Find the relay that you want to replace, for me this was easy since it was the one that was smoking and looking a little plump. 

Burnt Out Relay

Pull the relay out, you may need to jiggle it a little bit but this should come out pretty easy.  This is where you may need to apply some elbow grease!

That is where the relay was, and where it was removed from.

Put the new relay in, this should simply slide right into place.  Almost like a snap in.  If it does not go in easy, something is wrong so don’t force it.

New Relay Installed, it’s the big white one

At this point the job is done and the repair is in place.  Just put the plastic covers back on to the fuse block and test your repair.  The item that you were trying to fix should work now.  In my case, I verified that the high beams no longer stayed on while the car was running. 

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