GMC Envoy Battery Replacement

On Memorial Day weekend 2019 I walked out of work, ready to go to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 and my truck would not start!  I live close to home and my wife was local so I called her up to come and get me.  The last time this had happened, it was the battery.  It made perfect sense, so off to purchase a battery it was. 

In a perfect world you would want to test the battery somehow.  Mine was dead, I later found out why…..but the truck would not start so I went for a new battery straight away without any testing.  In hindsight, I probably should have jumped started it, and then properly tested the battery with a battery tester to see if that was actually the problem.  In this particular case, it got my truck started but there was another reason the battery was dead.  I probably did not need a new battery.  However, it was 6 years old and was non-returnable.

I made it back with the new battery and installed it.  This is how you do it:

You will need a basic set of hand tools to accomplish this.  A small socket set with an extension should do the trick.

Remove the negative battery cable from the battery.  Once removed, move it to the side.

Remove the positive battery cable from the battery, move it to the side once it is removed.

There is a bracket that is going over the top of the battery cover that will need to be removed in order to replace the battery.  There are three bolts that need to be removed to take off this bracket.

One of the bolts is obvious and right in front of you.  It is right above the drivers side headlight.

There is another one bolted to the side of the chassis. 

And the last one is towards the bottom and right in the middle of the battery tray.  Remove this one as well, if you can…..

So, I was unable to get this bolt off where I was.  Being in the parking lot at work, I had no vise grips or tools to try and keep the back of the bolt from turning so I ended up bending the bracket and twisting it around to get it off the battery cover and allow access to the battery.  If I had a full set of tools I could have probably removed this, but I did not so I did what I could.

Once this bracket is out of the way, hopefully in your case removed!  You can remove the plastic battery cover.  This will give you access to the battery tie down that is underneath this spot.

Because I had so much trouble removing the bracket, I did not remove the cover to get the picture, but the bolt for the battery tie down is right under that nub in the cover.

Pull the battery straight up and out of the vehicle. 

Replace it with the new battery and reassemble the vehicle.  If the battery was indeed your issue, your car should start and you can drive away.

Don’t forget to return your core!  You should get some kind of refund for it…..At least we do where I live.

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