Fixing The Kart – 2017 Edition!

Selling the kart did not go so well…..I still have it, and since I still have the racing bug I figured that maybe I will give it another shot.  That being said, there are some things that need to be addressed before I go to the track and test this out.

My theory behind what happened with my back last year is that I mounted the seat incorrectly and the bottom of the seat was hitting the ground before the tires could absorb any of the bumps.  Not that the tires absorb the bumps a lot but the seat hitting the ground first was probably not the best thing to be happening.

You can see in this post, I moved the seat already and thought I had it fixed.  I ran the first two laps of the practice and did not have a problem, and then all of a sudden my back had started hurting.  At this point I loaded up the kart and called it quits.  This prompted the attempt to sell the kart.  After watching the kart sit all winter and attempting to sell, unsuccessfully, I decided to take another look at it.  It appears that my fix did not hold and the seat had broken into its old position, possibly making my back hurt again.

I decided to try again!

This time I moved the seat about an inch or so to the left, I would have gone right but the motor was there.  I mounted it so that the seat did not stick out underneath the chassis and would sit on a piece of wood that I had set across the bottom.

This was pretty easy to do; I just removed the 4 bolts that hold the seat in.  The Allen key side is a 5mm I believe and the bolt side is a 13mm.  The bolts on the bottom of the seat are also holding in some washers and rubber “absorption” material.  This absorbs some of the impact of the bouncing but I’m sure it’s not a lot.

Four Bolts That Hold The Seat In

Rubber Absorption Material

After the seat was out, I drilled two new holes about an inch to the right and re-mounted the seat.  Easy peasy!  I circled the two new holes that I drilled out below.

Because I was completely injured the last time I did this I decided to take some more precautions.  I purchased the team Valhalla seat pad kit for karting.  This was really easy to install because there is Velcro on the back of the pad and little round Velcro attachments that stick to the pad.  What I did was to Velcro the little round stick on pads to the actual seat pad, remove the backing for the sticky part, and then mounted the pad where I thought it should go.

Back Side Of The Seat Pad

Velcro Sticky Pads

I lined them all up…..

Peeled the backing off, and stuck it to the seat.

There was one more piece of protection that I thought I needed to give this another go.  I purchased the Armadillo Rib/Chest protector by team Valhalla.  I thought that the old one that I was using was not robust enough and I did not want to take any chances.

Hopefully, after implementing these new precautions, I will be able to race my kart again.  Unfortunately, Englishtown does not appear to be doing it’s club racing again this year and is instead partnering with the F-series and doing a state championship.  I guess this is to boost participation.  So the first test was cancelled and the next race is April 9th.  I need to get down to NJMP for open practice to test out my new precautions before signing up for this series.



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