First Win in Spec Racer Ford! – Sim Update!

It’s been a couple of weeks, but I finally got a decent race in.  It was in the Advanced Mazda Cup racing at Road America.  I did about 10 minutes of practice and went straight to qualifying.  I did not manage to run my first lap clean so I ended up starting in the back.  I was the 12 car anyway so I guess that is where I belonged.  The race started well for me, only lost 1 or 2 positions on the start where everyone is crazy and managed to pretty much keep up.  I was able to race past a couple of guys and managed to avoid a big wreck on the back straight to put me up in 8th.  There were 2 more incidents in front of me and that put me in 6th.  I ran a couple of fast laps at the end where I was catching the 5th place car but there just wasn’t enough time to get him.  I’ll take a 6th place finish out of 17 racers!  Not a bad start to the week!

Oh yeah!  I won my first Spec Racer Ford Race.  It was the normal 20 minutes or so of practice.  I also got some laps in the other day but the race didn’t go official.  This may have helped my cause.  I did not get a good qualifying lap in but neither did anyone else and since I was the 2 car in this race I started 2nd.  I was able to keep up with the leader and make a pass for the lead in the chicane on the back half of the track.  This caused the now second place car to spin out and I was able to pull away.  All I needed to do was run clean consistent laps and I would be golden.  I managed to keep the laps pretty clean and come away with my first SRF win!

This week the K&N National Series was at Dover.  I hoped into practice with about 15 minutes left before the race.  I did pretty well and was able to turn a couple of good laps but I was crashing a little bit trying to get a good run out of the turns.  Anyway, I qualified in 12th position and was the 9 car.  I managed to pass a few people in the beginning and due to some crashes I almost ended up in the top 5 but I am horrible at tire management and at the end of the race I was falling back and losing positions.  I had to let the leaders by and I fell back to 9th.  Someone crashed ahead of me in the final laps and I moved up to 8th where I finished.  Since I ran this race with no incidents, I ended up getting my C class oval license!  I can now race the trucks!  There are a lot of leagues that run the trucks so I may move up.  Not sure exactly which oval series I will be running next season but I need to practice more and figure out my tire management.

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