First Win In Iracing!

This season, Season 3 2016 in iracing I have decided to run 3 series.  1 oval series, the Super Stock cars since I’m a complete newbie at the oval racing, the Spec Racer Ford series since I was told it would make me a smoother driver, and the Mazda MX-5 series because…..Why not!

My first win in Iracing!  It comes at Charlotte motor speedway in the Super Street Oval race cars.  I qualified well and was able to keep up with the leaders using the draft.  One by one the drivers lost control or had incidents that I was able to avoid which caused me to gain positions.  In the end I ran the last 2 laps by myself in first place.  I was so nervous that I was going to crash or do something stupid, but that was not the case and I got my first win!

This puts me in 213th position out of 1822 entries for the Rookie Street Stock Series.  I still have my rookie oval license so this is the option that I have chosen to pursue in the oval side of things.

Street Stock 063016

The next race I did was the Spec Racer Ford cars at Watkins Glen.  This is my first time running the Watkins Glen Track on Iracing and I seem to love it already.  Also, the SRF is not too difficult to drive on an actual race course.  The last time I ran it, it was on the Charlotte Motor Speedway course with lots of switch backs and tight turns.  I had some problems with it then, and also had some issues starting out at Watkins Glen but I eventually figured out how to run the car and was able to string a bunch of good laps together.  I managed to finish 6th in this race even though I spun out on the first turn and ended up all the way in the back of the pack.  Not too bad for my debut!

At the end of week one I am on the first page for my division!  I have 41 points and am in 21st position out of 46 entrants.  Of course this is in division 6 which means nothing to me but I’m sure the competition in division 1 is much harder.  Overall I am in 279 place out of 445, not as promising.  I think I’ll keep looking at my divisional stats!

SRF Divisional Standings

SRF Divisional Standings

Spec Racer Ford overall standings

Spec Racer Ford overall standings

The Mazda race was quite eventful!  I qualified 6th but kept getting passed through the first couple of laps.  People would get a run on me down the straight and I would have to give them room to go into the first turn to keep from wrecking.  I lost a lot of positions that way.  Eventually I was pushing too hard for my abilities and ended up losing control and ending up in the trees.  This required a tow back to the pits which took forever.  Then the repairs and the long wait.  I ended up 1 full lap down in 12th position.  I just kept running laps till the end of the race and ended up finishing 8th.  Not too bad for a complete screw up!

After the first week of the Mazda MX-5 cup, I am in 2243 position with 29 points.  Hopefully this will go up as the weeks go on.  Maybe I won’t be so rushed to get this race in next week.  I’m starting to think running 3 series this season may have been a little ambitious…..

MX-5 Cuip Standings 063016


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