Finally! A Decent Finish In The Legends Car!

Another week without video!  I don’t know what is going on so I’m going to need to figure this out.  Either way, the following is what happened running the planned series for the week.


I started this week running the Advanced Legends Cup at Thompson Speedway.  Thanks for sponsoring this series!  I need to fix that paint scheme!  This was my best race yet in this car.  I started in 6th and finished 5th.  This was probably due to the high participation and being put in the 2nd split.  There was also some close calls with cars crashing in front of me and spinning out.  I was luckily able to avoid the accidents and when they were over I was running around in 3rd.  I put up a good fight for a little while with the guy behind me but he was eventually able to pass me and pull away.  I ended up falling back to 5th but I’ll take it.  Best race so far in this series!

alcall2016s4w5 alcdiv4s4w5

The Production Car Challenge was running at Lime Rock Park.  I thought that I had a shot at finishing good in this race.  I had lap times very close to the 1 minute mark in practice and was feeling pretty confident going in.  Unfortunately, I qualified 11th and had a spinning incident early in the race.  This caused me to lose a bunch of positions and I was running all the way in the back.  I was able to race my way back up to 9th and at least get a top 10 finish but it was not as good as I’d hoped.  I may try to do this race again since I am getting very comfortable at Lime Rock, but we’ll see if I have time.

pccall2016s4w5 pccdiv62016s4w5

The Spec Racer Ford race actually went official tonight!  I guess it pays to try and get into the 10:45PM race on Friday nights.  The 12:45 race doesn’t seem to go official too often and I end up trying to get this one in on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Anyway, I qualified 8th and finished 7th.  There was a time during the race that I was running around the track in 6th position.  Looking like I may even be able to catch the 5th place car.  Then he started to pull away from me and I then made a mistake trying to stay in front of Ronnie.  They were not very aggressive but I could see them filling up my rear view mirror.  If they went for a pass I would have let them by but he never did.  I spun out in front of him anyway and lost two positions.  I was able to get one of them back when Ronnie spun on the next lap but I was never able to catch back up to the other driver who passed us.  It was a successful race for my Spec Racer Ford career and I ended up with 56 points, and gained 18 irating as well!

srfall2016s4w5 srfdiv62016s4w5

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