Edelbrock Carburetor Rebuild

I got the car running and have taken it out a couple of times to test it and find out what other issues there are with it.  Besides the dashboard that has no lights and no working speedometer the car is now hesitating and running pretty sluggish while driving around.  This culminated with the car dying on Rt. 18 one night and having to get the car started and dropping it into gear before it could die again.

After doing some internet research I came to the conclusion that it could be one of two things, a carburetor that needed a rebuild, or a bad torque converter.  Since the car was sitting for about 4 years, I went with the bad carburetor since some of the symptoms were indicative of dried up seals and air or fuel getting to where it was not supposed to be.  A rebuild was in order!

Rebuilding a carburetor is really no big deal, now that I’ve done it once….  All you need to rebuild an Edelbrock Carburetor is a couple of torx and Phillips head screwdrivers, a can of carburetor cleaner, and a rebuild kit.

Carburetor Still On The Car

Carburetor Still On The Car, Choke is misadjusted

I used a tin tray to rebuild the carb in, you can see the screwdrivers and rebuild kit in the picture.

I used a tin tray to rebuild the carb in, you can see the screwdrivers and rebuild kit in the picture.

I started off this project a little leery of rebuilding it myself, considering that if it did not work a new $350 carburetor would be needed.  So I purchased the rebuild kit and went to work since I had nothing else to lose.

I don’t really know what all of the parts are necessarily called but everything came apart relatively easily.  I took the cover plates off of the top of the carburetor to reveal the long pin type devices underneath them.  I cleaned them thoroughly and put them aside.

I separated the top part of the carburetor to reveal all the venturi’s underneath as well as the accelerator pump.

Separated Edelbrock Carburator

I removed all the venturi’s of the four barrel carburetor and cleaned them as well.  The primary squirters were also removed as well as the check ball underneath them.  When reassembling, the check ball goes in first and then the rectangular piece.  This is followed by the gasket and the squirter piece.

I used a magnetic tray to put all the screws and parts in

I used a magnetic tray to put all the screws and parts in

When the carburetor was completely apart, I pretty much gave it a bath in carb cleaner.  I wiped down all the surfaces thoroughly and made sure that the inside passages and surfaces were as clean as I could get them.  I did not remove any of the linkages but I gave them a bath in the cleaner as well and got them to be almost as clean as they were new.

Reassembly of the carburetor is not that tricky, but there are a few parts that you need to pay attention to.  There are instructions with the rebuild kit that states certain measurements that should be followed to have proper functionality of the carburetor.  Before you put the carburetor back together, you will need to make sure the float measurements are correct.  I spent some time doing this since one of the floats that were in my carburetor was kind of messed up so adjusting the float distances was necessary on the one.  I wanted a perfectly running car so I made sure that both floats were adjusted properly.

The next step I already mentioned, you need to make sure the new check ball gets put in properly.  Once this is correct, the rest of the assembly is pretty much just putting the gaskets back on and replacing the seals and spring on the accelerator pump.

The finished Product in the tray!

The finished Product in the tray!  Notice that the choke is closed!

I put it back on the car once the assembly was complete and adjusted it according the Edelbrock manual.  The way to do it is to screw in the idle air screws all the way in and back them out 3.5 turns.  I left them this way and started the car.  As soon as it got fuel (the lines were disconnected) it started.  I examined the choke to make sure that it was functioning correctly and waited for the car to warm up before attempting to take if for a ride.

A short ride revealed a little bit of hesitation, nothing that a couple of adjustments to the accelerator pump location and idle air screws did not resolve.  So, in the end the rebuild was a success.  The car is running much better now.

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