DEI (010125) 2″ x 33′ Titanium Exhaust Wrap Review

An exhaust wrap like the DEI (010125) 2”x 33” titanium exhaust wrap will do more than make your headers look a cut above the rest. An exhaust wrap is designed to be wrapped around the exhaust pipes.  It is intended to help increase your engine’s efficiency. This is achieved by reducing temperatures around the exhaust.

Your car will also get more horsepower because an exhaust wrap will exhaust heat in the headers. Instead of heat dissipating to the other areas of the engine, heat is contained within the exhaust system resulting to improved flow of exhaust gasses. This in turn, gives your car more power it needs in the race track or even while you zoom in the highways.  Pairing an exhaust wrap with a performance muffler and high flow catalytic converter can even give your car a bigger horsepower boost.

The DEI (010125) 2”x 33” titanium exhaust wrap is one of the top rated exhaust wraps on the market today. This review will reveal why a lot of racers and motorists are raving about this product.


  • Made from pulverized lava rock
  • High tech carbon fiber look
  • Can withstand 1800F direct/2500F intermittent heat
  • Extremely pliable and can promote a tight and secure wrap
  • Highly resistant to abrasions and oil spill temperatures
  • Can be used in automotives and motorcycles


There are lots of things that reviewers on are raving about this product. These include:

  • Significantly increases torque output
  • It is compatible with all kinds of exhaust systems, from stainless steel to cast iron.
  • It can be wrapped around any kind of tubing metal or aluminum
  • It is resistant to abrasions and not very absorbent, which is a common complaint about wraps. It won’t tear apart with little contact with oil unlike other wraps.
  • It has a metallic sheen that looks very impressive/advanced
  • It is stronger and more durable than other exhaust wraps
  • It is made of fibrous lava rock that is lighter and more tolerant of high temperatures than glass fiber, which is the material other exhaust wraps are made of
  • It is light weight despite being high strength and heat resistant
  • It has a maximum limit of 1800F for direct heat, which is a lot better than the limit of 1200F for wraps made of glass fiber
  • It is easy to install that you don’t need to have a mechanic install it
  • There’s no need to wet the exhaust wrap prior to installation, so the installation is far less messy
  • There’s also no need to use a high-temperature silicone spray for sealing the exhaust wrap. All you have to do is to secure it with its stainless locking ties after wrapping it around the pipe.
  • There is no asbestos in the wrap, which is a major health hazard
  • It can make cabin temperatures and dash components to an absolute minimum
  • Can make an ugly exhaust pipe looking more advanced/modern
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It improves engine performance
  • It is highly resistant to abrasions, high temperatures, and vibration breakdown


  • Some reviewers complain that the weave is quite lumpy and loose
  • Doesn’t hold up in a much exposed application, like in motorcycles



There are other exhaust wraps that you can find on the market and compete against this titanium exhaust wrap. One of these is the Aurelio Tech 50 feet fibreglass roll black racing exhaust wrap. The said exhaust wrap is designed to insulate header pipes and other engine components, with its manufacturer saying that it can reduce under hood temperatures by as much as 70 percent.

There are some similarities of the DEI titanium exhaust wrap with this fibreglass exhaust wrap. One is that both products make use of stainless steel quick ties for securing the wrap in place after installation. Like most exhaust wraps, both products are also easy to install that a driver can do it without the help of a mechanic.

But there are lots of advantages of the DEI titanium exhaust wrap over the Aurelio Tech fiber glass exhaust wrap. A glaring advantage is that the former can resist higher temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the measly 1000 degrees F of the latter. This is not surprising because titanium is capable of handling higher temperatures than glass fiber.

Moreover, there’s no need to use some high temperature silicon engine paint spray in sealing the titanium wrap. On the other hand, most reviews on the Aurelio Tech exhaust wrap indicate that silicon engine paint spray is vital in installation of the said wrap.

Another product that can be compared against the DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap is the LEDAUT 2″ x 50′ Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap Roll for Motorcycle Fiberglass Heat Shield Tape with Stainless Ties. Both are titanium exhaust wraps that are getting good reviews on

But there are several reasons why you’d rather go with the DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap. One is that it has a higher temperature limit of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to the 1400 degrees F of the LEDAUT model. There are also complaints that the stainless steel ties of the LEDAUT exhaust wrap is difficult to tighten. While the DEI titanium exhaust wrap is a few dollars more expensive than the LEDAUT model, it remains a better choice than its competitor.


The DEI (010125) 2”x 33” titanium exhaust wrap is one of the more recommended exhaust wraps for cars and motorcycles and this review has shown why. A lot of reviewers on highly recommend it to car and motorcycle owners. It can resist high temperatures far better than its competitors. Installation is also a breeze as you don’t have to wet it prior to installation, and the stainless steel ties included in the package.  With this titanium exhaust wraps, you can make your car or motorcycle perform better on the road.


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