Crashin’ Camaro’s At Daytona!

Starting this week off in the MX-5 which is running at Lime Rock Park, practice was ok, I was in a group with really fast drivers and could only manage something like the 14th fastest lap.  Qualifying went much better with me getting up into 6th.  When the race started, I was shuffled back to about 8th, then managed to avoid wrecks and off tracks to make my way up to 2nd.  One other car was able to catch and pass me but I managed to hold onto 3rd and finish there.  This was a pretty uneventful race except for the lapped car that was pushing me down the straight.  I eventually just let him go around me.  He really was not that much faster than I was I just couldn’t break the draft…

The Skip Barber series is at Phillip Island this week.  I was going to run this track last night with no practice and I’m glad I didn’t because I thought it was Mount Panorama!  So I hoped into practice today with about 15 minutes to go before the race.  I did ok and in my session I ended up 5th fastest.  Then came qualifying, I ended up qualifying 9th as the 3 car.  Oh my!  I guess I’m not too good in the Skippy yet!  Anyway, I was up there with the leaders battling for position (top 9 cars were up there) when I made the mistake of following an out of control car into the grass and losing control.  That spun me out and gave me a meatball flag.  The flag was unnecessary I thought but it is what it is.  This put me back in 12th.  I managed to race my way back up into the top ten to finish 9th.

The Xfinity series was at Daytona this week.  This is a track that you don’t need a lot of practice on because you just hold it to the floor.  I would have liked to hook up with a draft partner in practice to get the hang of it while driving but it was not necessary, I’ve run this track before and I dislike it!  Too much stress all the time.  I don’t know how the real guys do it.  So I qualify in 12th as the 18 car and start the race.  Everything is fine and we are just riding around the track in two lines.  No big deal, I figure that we would ride like that the entire way and start dicing for the win with around 5 to go.  I was wrong; the car in front of me tapped the guy in front of him in the turn and sent him flying.  I thought I was going to clear it going high but he came back up the track and destroyed my car.  I had to call for a tow since my car would not move at all.  When the tow finally got back, there was 32 minutes of required repairs so I quit the race…..

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