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06 A4 Dead Battery – Beeping From Rear

I have this Audi A4 sitting in my driveway now for about 2 months.  I purchased

Thing To Check Before Working On A Car

I have had a couple of experiences now that I have volunteered to work on one

2014 Jeep Wrangler Oil Filter Housing Replacement

The Oil Pressure sensor in my friends Jeep has become faulty.  It’s been that way for

IRacing Equipment – Quarantine 2020 Edition

Welcome to the 2020 Quarantine!  Where everyone is stuck in their houses and there is nowhere

2020 Great Oaks PA RV Show Review

The 2020 Great Oaks RV show was held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center out in

When To Get A New Car

This is something that I really struggle with.  I’m starting to butt heads with my wife

Engine Rebuilding

So your car is a little tired and just doesn’t perform like it used to….Not that

Livable Haulers

Our family likes to go camping, as you could have probably seen from the posts about

944 Fuel Level Sender

I’m still fighting issues with the gauges on the 944.  Even though I have posted it

GMC Envoy Headlight Relay

I’m leaving work on Memorial Day weekend thinking about making my way Indianapolis for the Indianapolis