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2006 Audi A4 Low Pressure Fuel Sensor

I changed out the low pressure fuel sensor on this A4 Audi trying to resolve a

06 Audi A4 Clean Up

As stated last week in this post, I have a new project car.  This Audi is

New Project! 2006 Audi A4

The Porsche has been sold.  At the time of this writing, I wish I had not

Replacing the Brake Lights On A Porsche 944

I get into work the other day and my colleague lets me know that I have

Porsche 944 Gauge Cluster Electrical Cleaning

These stupid gauges on this 944!  Now the fuel level gauge is not working properly, so

Porsche 944 Hood / Hatch Strut Replacement

Don’t you hate it when those hood struts fail and they no longer hold up your

944 Fuel Level Sender

I’m still fighting issues with the gauges on the 944.  Even though I have posted it

Cleaning 944 Engine Grounds

In my never ending quest to get my temperature gauge to work properly on the Porsche

Porsche 944 Thermostat Replacement

I am still having the issue where the temperature gauge in the 944 is working for

The Story of My 944 Temperature Gauge

I have a wonky temperature gauge on my 1987 Porsche 944.  When you first start it